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Frustrated homeowner says: Modify this!

Frustrated homeowner says: Modify this!

Homeowner watches credit rating sink amid frustrations with mortgage program

Posted: March 6, 2011 – 12:00am

By David Bauerlein

Edward J. Rukab says it might have been “bailout fever” that convinced him to apply for a mortgage modification.

With banks getting assistance left and right, he figured the federal Home Affordable Modification Program would help struggling homeowners such as himself who were underwater on mortgages.

Today, he bitterly regrets ever applying to Bank of America for a mortgage modification under the federal program, which has faced persistent complaints about changing rules midstream, losing paperwork and taking too long to act on applications.

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Stop Foreclosure Fraud needs your help America in locating more information on any and all of the following tips received recently… We need to be educated on how it all works!

This is before the new BofA EQUATOR was put into place early 2010.

In no particular order:

  1. Any information on I-PORTAL SYSTEM “Partitions” this has to do with special levels of digitized files and documents. (This system  is where “original” loan files were scanned as soon as they arrived).
  2. Any Information on C-SAD, the database containing securitization information. CSAD database where the loss mitigation personnel would look up who the investor and master servicers were and what the level of delegation CW had for decision making on the modification or short sale requests, the credit file.
  3. The mainframe AS 400 system which was the ancient DOS database where the loan info, tax and insurance info, mortgage insurance info and foreclosure notes were kept.
  4. All “US Fax Numbers” that the borrowers are asked to fax in QWR, Short Sales, Loan Modification Departments BUT are redirected to INDIA.
  5. The Short Sale Process of 11 systems that one has to log into and out of independently.

As always your comments and email tips located on the header are appreciated.

*Keep in mind that the fax numbers go directly to INDIA and your fax is converted into a PDF, labeled and then uploaded into the I-Portal system from INDIA, giving access to CW employees in various locations to these files.


© 2010-19 FORECLOSURE FRAUD | by DinSFLA. All rights reserved.

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