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The Banksters Strike Back- The Florida Foreclosure Fraud Foregiveness Act of 2012

The Banksters Strike Back- The Florida Foreclosure Fraud Foregiveness Act of 2012

Via: Matt Weidner

This is the Bad, Bad Bankster Fraud Forgiveness Act of 2012!

Have a read at some of the lowlights!

  • Once suit has been filed, the public interest is served by moving foreclosure cases to final resolution expeditiously in order to get real property back into the stream of commerce… (NO FOLKS, ONCE A SUIT HAS BEEN FILED OUR COURTS SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON UPHOLDING HUNDREDS OF YEARS OF LAW)
  • Section 57.105, Florida Statutes, (Upon the court’s initiative or motion of any party, the court shall award a reasonable attorney’s fee) is repealed. (THE FRAUDCLOSING PLAINTIFFS ARE PAYING ATTORNEYS FEES FOR IMPROPER CONDUCT, THIS WOULD PROTECT THEM FROM PAYING FOR THEIR IMPROPER CONDUCT.)
  • Following dismissal of the foreclosure case, and upon request of the plaintiff, the clerk may return the original promissory note without need for further order of the court. (WHY, SO THE NOTE CAN BE SOLD TO A ZOMBIE DEBT COLLECTOR?)
  • In any action or proceeding in which a party seeks to set aside, invalidate, or challenge the validity of a final judgment of foreclosure or to establish or re-establish a lien or encumbrance on the property in abrogation of the final judgment of foreclosure, the court shall treat such request solely as a claim for money damages and shall not grant relief which adversely affects the quality or character of the title to the property. (THIS IS A BIGGIE PEOPLE, THIS IS THE REAL BIG ONE HERE, THE GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD!)
  • After foreclosure of a mortgage based upon the enforcement of a lost, destroyed or stolen note, a person, not party to the underlying foreclosure action, who claims to be the Actual holder of the promissory note secured by the foreclosed mortgage, shall have no claim against the foreclosed property after it has been conveyed for valuable consideration to a person not affiliated with the foreclosing lender. (ANOTHER RED ALERT BIGGIE HERE, A TOTAL REWRITE OF EXISTING LAW)
  • In uncontested mortgage foreclosure proceedings, the court shall enter final judgment within 45 90 days from the date 0of the close of pleadings. (GOTCHA!)
  • Where the amount of principal and interest, exclusive of fees and costs, owed to a foreclosing lender equals or exceeds 120% of the just value of the property subject to
    foreclosure, as determined by the county property appraiser in the most recent certified tax roll, the foreclosing lender may elect to foreclose without a judicial sale of the property. (THIS HERE IS THE REAL THING, GOTCHA!, GOTCHA!, GOTCHA! WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN’ JUDGES OR COURTS OR DUE PROCESS!)
  • In any mortgage foreclosure action, upon the court’s initiative or motion of any party, the court shall award a reasonable attorney’s fee, including prejudgment interest, to be paid to the prevailing party in equal amounts by the losing party and the losing party’s attorney. (REMEMBER ABOVE WHEN THEY ELIMINATED THEIR OWN LIABILITY FOR ATTORNEY’S FEES IF THEY WERE CAUGHT? WELL, THEY ADDED FEES AGAINST DEFENDANTS.  THIS PUNITIVE SECTION WILL PREVENT ANY CONSUMER FROM HAVING ANY ATTORNEY REPRESENT HIM IN COURT.)






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