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Medallion Analytics Selects eSignSystems’ SmartSAFE for Its Electronic Mortgage Web Services Platform

Medallion Analytics Selects eSignSystems’ SmartSAFE for Its Electronic Mortgage Web Services Platform

E~Sign Your Life Away


04/18/12 — eSignSystems, a division of Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: WAVX), announced today that Medallion Analytics has licensed and implemented the SmartSAFE electronic vault for use in its web-based mortgage audit and analytics solutions. SmartSAFE provides lifecycle management of electronically signed, legally-binding documents and records, meeting ESIGN and UETA compliance. The combination of Medallion and eSignSystems’ technology gives loan originators a break-through solution to automate the entire pre- and post-close loan origination audit and compliance process.


eDeliver, eSign & Conduct MERS eRegistry Transactions
Medallion has also licensed the SigningRoom application from eSignSystems to simplify the entire eDelivery and eSigning process. Users can now electronically sign and “seal” electronic documents securely with user name and password, making it convenient for all parties to remotely access and electronically sign important documents related to closing a loan. In addition, Medallion has also incorporated eSignSystems’ SmartCLOSE, an optional module that extends the power of the SmartSAFE to include electronic integration to the MERS® eRegistry to register and track eNotes. MERS® is the industry-endorsed tracking tool for electronic mortgages.


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Proving “Originality” and Ownership of Electronic Mortgage Notes

Proving “Originality” and Ownership of Electronic Mortgage Notes

“Testing”- Document Authenticity


  • The mortgage market’s continued ability to lend money relies on the liquidity of promissory notes secured by real property.
  • Paper promissory notes are endorsed “in blank”so that whoever has “possession”of the note is considered a holder, holder in due course, or purchaser.

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If you on SPERS.org’s site there is also some information to be looked at…like power point presentation and some pdf files. Click below


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