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Anonymous Posts FAQ’s on How Balboa Hid Documents For Indymac and Aurora

Anonymous Posts FAQ’s on How Balboa Hid Documents For Indymac and Aurora

Anonymous via his source post crucial information that has been known but not in detail.

Attorneys and Attorney Generals nationwide have been working diligently against the banks in order to keep their clients in their homes. You must keep in mind that there are several levels of indiscriminate behavior going on, keeping these efforts at bay. For now, however, I will give you a general overview of how some of the tracking systems interact and how the reporting works, so that those with the power to subpoena documents for their clients know where to find the correct documentation to support their individual cases, because as Abigail Fields points out, “It would certainly be provable/disprovable by subpoenaing documents.”

In order to do that, however, an attorney would need to know where to look. If you were to only subpoena generic loan information, you will only be provided with the System of Record (SOR) data, which previous posts have clearly proved do not show the full picture as there are several common ways of removing information from the system of record both individually and en masse. As the email trail clearly shows, there is always an audit trail in the back end if you know what to ask for.

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