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BofA Threatens Foreclosure Over Missing $1 From Already-Sold Home

BofA Threatens Foreclosure Over Missing $1 From Already-Sold Home

This isn’t the first and afraid not going to be the last


How could a home be repossessed when it’s no longer in the homeowner’s possession? One family in Utah asked itself the same question.

Shantell Curtis and her family were threatened with foreclosure months after they had sold their Vernal, Utah house. What’s more, the problem revolved around a single dollar, reports (h/t The Consumerist). Months after the Curtises sold and moved out of the home in August of last year, their lender, Bank of America, reportedly sent them a foreclosure notice.

Bank of America claimed the family owed months of missed mortgage payments, before realizing a $1 coding error had held up the Curtises’ title transfer. While BofA has taken months to resolving the issue, the Curtises’ credit report has taken a beating since then.


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