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Signature Scanner “Forgetaboutit”, Meet A “Unique” Robo-Signer!

Signature Scanner “Forgetaboutit”, Meet A “Unique” Robo-Signer!


  • Uses a real pen
  • Yes, It crosses all T’s and Dots all I’s
  • Resulting product looks like it was processed by an actual human
  • Unlike a human…it makes NO mistakes!

Check it out below:

NOTE: Not saying this is an actual machine used, for demonstration only of amazing technology today!

Here is the work of Robo-Scanners “signing” Satisfaction of Mortgages/ Discharges below…no different!

Only that the above uses a “real pen” that a real human can use.

I also included MERS exec. sigs at the end…

[ipaper docId=42947649 access_key=key-1khopfb5zy15wihne1na height=600 width=600 /]

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