Foreclosures to be sold back to owners in ACLU, city settlement


Foreclosures to be sold back to owners in ACLU, city settlement

Foreclosures to be sold back to owners in ACLU, city settlement

Detroit News-

The ACLU of Michigan has reached a settlement in its 2016 lawsuit against Detroit that includes a deal to save potentially thousands of foreclosed homes over the next three years by selling them back to low-income owners for $1,000.

Under the plan, a group of homes headed to this year’s fall tax auction will instead be bought by the city and sold to owner-occupants who prove they qualified for the city’s poverty tax exemption, which lowers or eliminates tax bills.

The Detroit City Council voted 7-0 Tuesday to approve the settlement. Council members James Tate and Janee Ayers were not present for the vote.


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2 Responses to “Foreclosures to be sold back to owners in ACLU, city settlement”

  1. Kathy Bouknight says:

    My home is to be foreclosed on us because the banks Quicken Loans and GMAC would not correct meaning they lied on the cover of the served foreclosure papers that the mortgage included two lots adjacent to the property that is on the loan . The property description was and is correct and always correct filed at the court house. So GMAC would not work with our list if income and would not give a figure for SCHelo to save our home. GMAC declares a little name change with bankruptcy and Ocwen had our loan and said they would modify by going down a about 20 to 30 a month in our loan . The stress since June caused heart failure and cancer for both my husband and I and now I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia . Wilmington savings fund DBA Christiana Trust with Kondaur is to foreclose on us this August 30th if we can not prove their unclean hands of our case since June 21 2010. Look at why Wilmington savings had to change their name in 2015 US vs Wilmington savings and their deceit and fraudulent record keeping and they got a slap in the wrist for stealing people’s money and to change their name a little to join the two crooks together. I am honest and these mortgage liars are going to change my FHA deficiency waived loan to a personal deficiency loan and had a bill written up for 309,000 dollars so far. If someone can change your original loan’s property description, foreclose on you eight years later by saying you haven’t made a payment. GMAC wouldn’t take partial payments or give SCHelp an answer to a price they would accept and neither would Wilmington this past October when SCHelo had 36,000 to come off of the principle amount that they could have offered. Modification offer Wilmington last November 1299 s month for a few months then back to 1200 where it was in 2010. And Quicken originated the loan but did not converse or meet at the mediation meeting in 2012, GMAC said want house and give us $1000 dollars. We said no. We have paid taxes even though GMAC was to pay from first two years with our escrow, but didn’t. Ocwen paid while they had it but this Kondaur and Wilmington savings ais Nd Christiana Trust relationship told me the didn’t do taxes and insurance. I do not know how these two attorneys look at themselves in the mirror knowing that they are fighting and hurting hardworking Americans that have been lied to since buyout. Our grandchildren do not owe anything these crooked banks owe them s our homes back. They do foreclosure for the scheme that makes them a profit off of each profit and even seems to be paying off the money that was “borrowed “! Modification loans have them lose money compared to their scheme. Please stop foreclosures on my house and all others! Have all these banks be audited by someone who can’t be bought and ototected do they will not be killed to prove what these billionaires are doing to Americans.

  2. Kathy Bouknight says:

    We need foreclosures halted. Foreclosures that have happened since 2009 to be reopened and clear people’s credit if they were not given the modification or help we were told by Obama that we that lost our income would get. The banks did not listen to him.


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