Stop the next Wells Fargo scandal before it happens


Stop the next Wells Fargo scandal before it happens

Stop the next Wells Fargo scandal before it happens

LA Times-

What’s the biggest criminal enterprise in California? MS-13? The remnants or successors to the Crips and the Bloods? The Mexican Mafia? If we’re talking about the sheer volume of offenses, the answer is clear: Wells Fargo.

It’s no easy task to keep track of the San Francisco-based megabank’s misdeeds, but here’s a rough tally: Wells has admitted that, beginning in 2011, it opened approximately 2 million bank and credit card accounts for customers who did not need, seek or even know about them, plunging a number of these unknowing customers into default. Earlier this month, the bank announced it may have “significantly” undercounted the number of unauthorized accounts. Goldman Sachs estimated last year that more than half-a-million of the customers who’d been saddled with these accounts may have had to pay an extra $50 million to borrow money as a result of their damaged credit.

This July, Wells also acknowledged that, starting in 2012, it had charged a further 570,000 customers for auto insurance that they neither needed nor sought, pushing 274,000 of them into delinquency on their combined car-and-insurance payments, which led to nearly 25,000 wrongful vehicle repossessions.


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  1. “Kareem_Salessi_8-30-17”

    “Salessi Weapons of Mass-Disclosure” (“Salessi WMD”)

    “What’s the biggest criminal enterprise in California?”

    I have been documenting this with proofs-of-facts, numbers, and the dead body-counts of Mexicans, and Americans, ever since “Wachovia Drug Cartel” and its ($1/2-$2 trillion) drug money was laundered into “Wells Fargo Drug Cartel” by the FEDS, including the DOJ, and Robert Muller’s FBI, in 2008, which was the peak of USA criminal enterprising of banks, with the aiding and abetting of the FEDS (the laundering of hundreds of tons of drug money, not just in broad daylight, but with USA Secret Service Escorts!).

    “Wells Fargo Gangster directors & lawyers” may be properly dealt only by its USA victims who have been targeted for murder by their fraudulent foreclosure & armed eviction raids, with intent to shoot and kill them, when they could NOT legally foreclose.

    Corrupt DOJs, the FEDS, state and county officials, have been their participating accomplices, either in their crimes, or in white-washing and cover-ups of their crimes, as documented in their confession of judgment to have laundered colossal quantities of drug money, in the Florida court-case linked at the top of my litigation page.

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    “Kareem Salessi 8/30/17”


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