Attorney Linda Tirelli Defines Robo-Signing For Clueless Steven Mnuchin


Attorney Linda Tirelli Defines Robo-Signing For Clueless Steven Mnuchin

Attorney Linda Tirelli Defines Robo-Signing For Clueless Steven Mnuchin


It seemed like the Treasury Secretary doth protest a bit too much as a Shakespearean drama unfolded at a July 27th meeting of the House Financial Services Subcommittee. Steven Mnuchin, like some wayward damsel in distress, took deep umbrage at Representative Keith Ellison’s (D-MN) suggestion that he was anything but an honest, ethical banker; albeit one who headed up the hyper-controversial OneWest Bank.

The ghosts of banking’s past seemed to surface with a vengeance when the term “robo-signing” — a foreclosure short-cut liberally used by OneWest — was hurled his way by the Congressman. This, in turn, proved too much for the normally passive Treasury boss who decided, like Network’s, Howard Beale, he was angry, really angry and wasn’t going to take it any more.

In prickly fashion he loaded up his blunderbuss and unloaded some lead balls Ellison’s way:

Do you even know what Robo-signing is?


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One Response to “Attorney Linda Tirelli Defines Robo-Signing For Clueless Steven Mnuchin”

  1. “Kareem Salessi 8-13-17”
    “Salessi Weapons of Mass-Disclosure” (“Salessi WMD”)

    ROBO-SINGERS are the criminals Munchin hired to forge millions of bogus documents for his criminal foreclosure-genocide-enterprise to file in courts, and to record in county recorder offices, so that he could literally make a killing on the USA public, as I briefly explained in my recent court document quoted below:

    “”Around 15,000,000 homes (a quarter of USA homes) have been fraudulent! foreclosed, and stolen, in the past nine years, leading to the early deaths of at least te million Americans (1 0,000,000) ever since, yet not a single Major Stream Media (MSM has ever discussed this silent genocide because MSM have been an integrated part o its concealments. In support of the above genocide, the new USA regime has eve appointed several king-pins of “The 2008 USA financial meltdown”, who are also king pins of “USA Foreclosure Genocide Industry”, as I had documented in my 9th Circuit Opening Brief, in Case# 13-57063, linked in (Dkt. #166). American courts played active roles in the fruition of the recent, and ongoing, “USA Foreclosure Genocide”.”” 1

    Footnote #1- Judge Dale Chase (retired) in his recent book, page 96:

    “Given these circumstances, it was absolutely necessary for them to involve the Judges i their criminal conduct. Foreclosure Judges receive 10% of the original Promissory Note after they authorize the bank to steal and sell your assets in foreclosure.”

    Document at this link:
    Other related documents at the bottom of this page:

    Related recent comment at this page:

    Thank you for posting this comment.
    “Kareem Salessi 7/13/17”


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