Homeowner, Wells Fargo settle lawsuit over alleged theft during foreclosure process


Homeowner, Wells Fargo settle lawsuit over alleged theft during foreclosure process

Homeowner, Wells Fargo settle lawsuit over alleged theft during foreclosure process

The Morning Call-

An Easton man and the bank that was foreclosing on his home reached a settlement in a dispute that arose when the man alleged his belongings were stolen by workers sent to secure the property.

John Barber sued Wells Fargo, alleging “his home had been broken into, the locks changed, the premises ransacked, and a large quantity of personal property belonging to him was missing.”

He told me there was no reason to secure the premises because he still was living there at the time of the alleged theft in April 2014 and was preparing to sell the home at a short sale, which the bank had approved. The missing items included a coin collection and an antique firearm, according to the lawsuit.


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