Bank of America Protests Judge's $45 Million Fine In Homeowner Case


Bank of America Protests Judge’s $45 Million Fine In Homeowner Case

Bank of America Protests Judge’s $45 Million Fine In Homeowner Case

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Bank of America Corp. asked a bankruptcy judge to reconsider his $45 million fine over its treatment of a California couple who requested lower mortgage payments, calling the amount “unprecedented in its magnitude.”

In court papers, bank officials asked Judge Christopher Klein to amend his 107-page ruling against the bank, arguing that his “excessive” fine amount violates guidance from Supreme Court justices in 2008 meant to prevent outsized awards. The fine, the bank said, stands as the largest punitive damages award for violations of bankruptcy law’s automatic stay rules, which ban lenders from advancing foreclosures and taking other actions.

The ruling, issued March 23, said that bank officials mistreated California couple Renee and Erik Sundquist as they fought to save their home outside Sacramento from foreclosure. The decision, which renewed attention to the mortgage industry’s loan-servicing business, called for the Sundquists to donate most of the $45 million award to five law schools and two legal-aid nonprofits.


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2 Responses to “Bank of America Protests Judge’s $45 Million Fine In Homeowner Case”

  1. “Kareem Salessi 4-18-17”

    “Salessi Weapons of Mass Disclosure” (“Salessi WMD”)

    BOA reaction is in accordance with my statements in this recent comment:

    It is noteworthy that the victim plaintiff family was to receive only $5 million of the $45 million award.

    If every destroyed American family, due to fraudulent foreclosures, is worth $5,000,000. then, 20,000,000 million American families fraudulently foreclosed on, in the past ten years should collectively be awarded $100,000,000,000,000. ($100 TRILLION DOLLARS), which should be enough grounds for the new USA Government to undertake the total destruction of the criminals who brought this about, and continue to murder Americans with similar fraudulent foreclosures on colossal scales.

    Just as Prof. William Black how to round them up, and lock them up, until, they come up with the $100 trillion above.

    Bill Black: The Banks Have Blood on Their Hands

    thank you
    “Kareem Salessi 4/18/17”

  2. K.C. says:

    Congrats. I’m fighting as well- 9 years now. Bank of America there is a special place in hell for you. Enjoy your certificates and special payouts now. You certainly can’t take your Accolades with you to hell for premeditated of stealing America’s homes. That’s theft and fraud.


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