Court denies motion for small Texas bank to intervene in PHH, CFPB case


Court denies motion for small Texas bank to intervene in PHH, CFPB case

Court denies motion for small Texas bank to intervene in PHH, CFPB case


State National Bank of Big Spring, Texas hit a major roadblock in its fight against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after a judge on Tuesday threw out its motion to intervene in the landmark case between PHH and the CFPB.

The motion was a new plan from the bank, along with Competitive Enterprise Institute, which advocates for limited government, and the 60 Plus Association, a nonprofit that represents the interests of senior citizens, to get its case heard by the court after being in limbo since about July 2016.

Back in 2012, State National Bank filed suit against the federal government, claiming that the CFPB’s “unprecedented, unchecked power” violates the Constitution’s separation of powers.


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3 Responses to “Court denies motion for small Texas bank to intervene in PHH, CFPB case”

  1. I have been following this website for years looking for any further activity about the fraudulent activity and fake robo-signing performed by PHH (aka Cendant Mortgage Lender) during the great Fannie Mae Loan Securitization fraudulent sales to Fannie Mae Investor Pools of investor Loans transferred into the MERS Digital “Electronic Recording System” devised to hide the multiple transfer sales of the same Note from one innocent home buyer to up to ten different “mortgage servicers” who the home buyer thought was just another servicer of his mortgage, however the loan was actually being sold to multiple Fannie Mae Investor Pools simultaneously during the great collapse of the mortgage meltdown at the same time the wallstreet corrupt bankers were hedge funding against the very loans they knew were doomed to fail, because no one was making payments on up to 9 out of 10 of those falso Fannie mae loans they had already stolen the funds for from the Fannie Mae investors lining up to get the “Guaranteed Government backed securities” What a racket. Then to top it all off when the homeowners like me got wind of it all and asked who was the real holder of our NOTE and where was our payments really going and they refused to answer our questions, we were told just stop paying them, so we did and wow, they had the balls to foreclose on us and steal our homes on top of all the money they stole also! Now that is real RICO and fraud and I submitted notice after notice with nothing to show for it but two bankruptcies on my record and the loss of 4 AZ homes and over $500K in equity thanks to a sharp lawyer?
    Mr. Garrison
    So much documentation it would make your head spin!

  2. says:

    the longer it takes to get these lenders to pay for what they has done to the american people is unbelievable…these entities destroyed…mutilated…people’s creditworth and made thousands homeless…why this country side with the predators? instead of helping the hard working american…they disregard all type of humanity and destroyed millions…but to close borders to control immigration…that is not for discussion…when the american are going to get the help thry deserve…

  3. Addie James says:

    That is sad Dennis ,we work all our life we pay taxes ,we are US citizens , We vote ,only once there in they don’t give a dam about us citizens or our life for that matter , I won’t vote again . I went to every agency and all would tell me this is fraud you got a case .you got back for your appointment there gone ,or on existed leave. They rather work with big companies than tax payers Dennis . I am sorry that happen to you but I want you to know your not a lone . I think the Saint Paul Police they were the only ones that stood by me .my government . State didn’t help at all matter fact the States gave my home to the Scam artist by signing it over with out verify anything .Dennis there is light at the end of the tunnel we are all God’s people and I am sure they pay .this so called lawyer resin the mortgage , I have my note , my deed, tile ,my mortgage the judge Vanden Orth never ask who had the title to my property . And the judge said he never signed the papers for me to vacate .


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