U.S. Justice Department targets executives in Wells Fargo CRIMINAL probe -sources


U.S. Justice Department targets executives in Wells Fargo CRIMINAL probe -sources

U.S. Justice Department targets executives in Wells Fargo CRIMINAL probe -sources

LOL… We all know how this will end. NO handcuffs!


A U.S. Justice Department probe into a phony accounts scandal at Wells Fargo & Co is asking whether executives hid details from the company board and regulators as the problem grew over years, sources familiar with the review said.

The move carries into the Trump era an investigation started under the Obama administration, and could result in criminal charges against bank employees involved.

The Justice Department this week was due to interview federal bank examiners in Charlotte, North Carolina, and ask whether low-level employees broke the law by opening accounts without customer knowledge and if company executives took part in a conspiracy. A grand jury convened in the Northern District of California has also sent subpoenas to witnesses, including former Wells Fargo employees, the sources said.



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One Response to “U.S. Justice Department targets executives in Wells Fargo CRIMINAL probe -sources”

  1. “Kareem Salessi 3-4-17”

    “Salessi Weapons of Mass Disclosure” (“Salessi WMD”)

    “U.S. DOJ is a shameless fraud in and of itself.”
    I have proved that by documenting how US-DOJ and the FEDS engineered the laundering of $1/2 trillion-$2 trillion drug money in 2008 without a whisper.
    Nobody in this country even knows about it!


    I have provided an overload of information about the criminal activities of the gangster lawyers and executives of “Wells Fargo Drug Cartel”, “Wachovia Drug Cartel”, and “World Savings Bank Drug Cartel”, to lock them up for the rest of their lives.

    Their crimes include bribing sheriffs to murder people in their homes during evictions upon fraudulent foreclosures, bought from bribed judges and bankruptcy trustees, as I have already documented in this website, in my complaints to U.S. DOJ, and the gangster state and county DOJs such as California DOJ, and Orange County California DA (a/k/a: World Capital of Fraud), all of who have also been on the payroll of gangster banks and their lawyers, as I have documented.

    “TERRORISM is the best definition of USA foreclosure industry” as well as the best definition for “USA FINANCIAL CRIMES INDUSTRY” (a/k/a: “U.S. financial industry”), as I have proved time and again in court papers since 2004 when I first disclosed the already planned 2008 financial collapse, and the planned plunder of millions of homes with bogus foreclosures, and the concurrent acts of terror against USA population, which I believe has already cost over 10 million American lives, while the U.S. Government has been chasing red herrings evidently to provide more time for the
    “U.S. FINANCIAL CRIMINALS” to finish off what is left of the American population, with the plunder of whatever else there is to plunder, and the systemic murder of tens of millions of more Americans in that pursuit.

    Than you Mr. Dubin for posting this comment.

    “Kareem Salessi 3/4/17”


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