Senate Adds Another Foreclosure Kingpin To Trump's Cabinet


Senate Adds Another Foreclosure Kingpin To Trump’s Cabinet

Senate Adds Another Foreclosure Kingpin To Trump’s Cabinet

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The first, Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s treasury secretary, invested in and ran OneWest bank, which foreclosed on tens of thousands of Americans in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. During his Senate confirmation hearing, he denied that his bank used the illegal practice of robo-signing, but public documents obtained by The Columbus Dispatch showed that was a false statement.

Ross may not have been the CEO of a bank foreclosing on homeowners, but he was nevertheless intimately involved and invested in two companies that were accused of widespread wrongdoing. American Home Mortgage Servicing was accused of illegal foreclosure practices while it ran the second-biggest portfolio of subprime mortgages in the country.

American Home effectively outsourced the fraud, David Dayen reported, using “a company called DocX, which forged millions of mortgage assignments, claiming to be the officers of dozens of different banks … documents were fraudulently signed after the fact to recreate a chain of title that lenders broke.” The company was eventually sold to Ocwen, which was fined $2.1 billion in 2013 for its unethical business practices. Ross served on Ocwen’s board from 2012 to 2014.


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  1. Bruce R Nelson says:

    I am the schmuck that has replied to dozens of these blogs, all about WILBUR ROSS, the lying cheating robber barron son of a bitch who stole aided and abetted the theft of 100% of my free and clear equity with the aid and abbetment of Federal Dist Court Judge Anna Brown back in 2014. I was pro se. Judge Brown hates pro se litigators so she dismissed me with PREDJUDUCE from her court never allowing me to face my adversaries, AHMSI, OCWEN and HSBC. (Ocwenn fined 2 billion by CFPB, not a nickel came back to me. Ocwen , a criminal corp put Ross of their board! Ocwen jerked me off to this very day. Not a dime to me. HSBC, Ocwens “business” partner was investigated by FBI for LAUNDERING S American Drug CartelCOCAINE/HEROIN profits!!! Judger Brown in her corrupt co-operation with Ros’ gang of criminals gave my equity of $345,000. to these bastards and now what? Jackass Donald Trump, now our president and no doubt a business parner in some form with ROSS makes this worm our SECRETARY OF COMMERCE and I get to live out my final years with all these thiefs and creeps with them in my home on my TV. No wonder my USAF PTSD has errupted of recent. No damn wonder

    God as my witness I tell the truth. I wish this chicken shit billionaire Ross would sue me for LIBEL. I pray to God for that. Because TRYTH IS THE ULTIMATE DEFENSE FOR LIBEL AND SLANDER and I can prove it.

    Happy Lent everyone, Christ is risen

    Bruce R Nelson
    Banner Elk, NC


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