PERRY CAPITAL LLC v STEVEN T. MNUCHIN | Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac shares plunge after court's ruling


PERRY CAPITAL LLC v STEVEN T. MNUCHIN | Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac shares plunge after court’s ruling

PERRY CAPITAL LLC v STEVEN T. MNUCHIN | Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac shares plunge after court’s ruling


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shares plunged Tuesday after a federal appeals court denied legal claims by investors who were seeking to stop the U.S. government from seizing the profits of the mortgage giants.

Fannie shares sank 35 percent to $2.71. Freddie shares tumbled 38 percent to $2.47.

Hopes for reform of the government-sponsored enterprises had lifted shares of Fannie and Freddie following President Trump’s election. Shares of Fannie went from a low of $1.26 to a high of $5.00, only to retreat after Tuesday’s ruling.


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One Response to “PERRY CAPITAL LLC v STEVEN T. MNUCHIN | Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac shares plunge after court’s ruling”

  1. “Kareem Salessi 3-16-17”

    “Salessi Weapons of Mass Disclosure” (“Salessi WMD”)

    “NOTICE TO United States Court of Appeals FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIRCUIT, No. 14-5243”

    Your honorable court’s above 103 page Washington D.C. decision, contains plenty of useful numbers and information, however also including some crucial disinformation, and/or false statements, probably force-fed to the court by the participating attorneys, and/or by “fake news media”.

    Below, I comment on a few of the court’s statements, the subjects of which I am personally familiar with, whereby requesting the court to take into account the ultimate facts presented below, in a potential modification of its above decision, and/or in the issuance of a declaration regarding the following presented ultimate material facts :

    1- The court’s decision begins with the opening sentence quoted below which is a totally false statement. I personally know that to be false, because in my 2004 court filings, linked below the court-quote, I had already publicly documented that the “2008 USA MELTDOWN” had been engineered long in advance:

    The Court:
    “”MILLETT, Circuit Judge, and GINSBURG, Senior Circuit Judge: In 2007–2008, the national economy went into a severe recession due in significant part to a dramatic decline in the housing market. That downturn pushed two central players in the United States’ housing mortgage market—the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae” or “Fannie”) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (“Freddie Mac” or “Freddie”)—to the brink of collapse…””

    See link at the bottom of page to my document titled:

    “Orange County Plaintiff’s detailed account of today’s financial collapse, in 2004 lawsuit; claimed this collapse to have been engineered and to cost at least $14 Trillions!”, under the below article:

    (“”USA: THE “housing bubble” SCAM WAS ENGINEERED””)

    “Neil Garfield, Dean Baker, Kareem Salessi”

    “Don’t let the bankers get away with this!”

    2- See this part from the court’s decision at page 76:

    The Court:
    “”In July, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the “FDIC”) seized IndyMac. But Bear Sterns and IndyMac huge companies, to be sure—paled in comparison to Fannie and Freddie, which together backed $5 trillion in outstanding mortgages, or nearly half of the $12 trillion U.S. mortgage market. In late-July 2008, Congress passed and President Bush signed the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, authorizing a new government agency, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (“FHFA” or the “Agency”), to serve as conservator or receiver for Fannie and Freddie if certain conditions were met; Fannie and Freddie were placed into FHFA conservatorship the following month…””

    As you can see, in my 2004 complaint, the totality of outstanding USA mortgages was around $7 trillion, early last decade, and I believe it is still the same today. The $12 trillion cited by the court above, even if correct, only accounts for the inflation-adjusted $7 trillion.

    This court is evidently oblivious to the fact that the “American Financial Crimes Industry” (a/k/a: “American Financial Industry”) counterfeited at least 200 times (of the above $7 trillion mortgages) worth of phony junk bonds (i.e.: “Mortgage-Backed Securities-MBS”) and sold as much of the $1,400 trillion MBS as it could inside, and outside, USA in order to siphon out everyone’s wealth worldwide, in which it succeeded.

    See additional related information at this comment:

    3- The above page 76 court-quote continues as follows:

    The Court:
    “…Only weeks thereafter, Lehman Brothers failed, the government bailed out A.I.G., Washington Mutual declared bankruptcy, and Wells Fargo obtained government assistance for its buy-out of Wachovia.”

    All of the court-cited banking failures had been carefully premeditated, as I had documented in advance, as an outsider-whistle-blower of that inside job.
    Lehman had created, and dumped, hundreds of billions of worthless “Mike-Milken-Brand junk bonds”, in a pre-planned bankruptcy scheme, in order to embezzle the proceeds, just as Mike Milken (“King of Junk Bonds”)a decade earlier!

    Also, this short report puts “Wachovia-Wells Fargo-USG” operations in perspective:

    Furthermore, as to the above false statements regarding Wachovia:

    USA government (USG) assistance, cited above, was to perfect the laundering of $1/2 trillion-$2 trillion of drug money from “Wachovia Drug Cartel into Wells Fargo Drug Cartel”, as I have been documenting since 2007 in court papers, and in public comments.

    This drug money laundering operation was preceded with the purchase of the already insolvent, and worthless, “World Savings Drug Cartel” for a face amount of $120 billion in 2006-2007, as one leg of their drug money laundering operations. “Wachovia Drug Cartel” purchased several similarly worthless entities for laundering several hundred tons of drug money.

    Finally, concurrent with the 2008 self-engineered USA meltdown, USG, The Feds, DOJ, and a Florida Federal Court, arranged the completion of the laundering of $1/2 trillion-$2 trillion drug money (which should have been forfeited by statutory mandates) from “Wachovia Drug Cartel” into “Wells Fargo Drug Cartel”, under the pretexts of creating a brand new bank from the two drug cartels, namely “Wells Fargo Bank National Association with charter #1”, as if it was the very first American bank!

    However, before the above final operation, the FDIC, and other Feds, arranged a phony insolvency of “Wachovia Drug Cartel” at a time that it was literally sailing in an ocean of laundered drug dollars!

    See additional related information at these pages:

    Respectfully submitted.
    “Kareem Salessi 3/17/17”

    Many thanks for posting this comment.


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