Government's Fannie Mae will back PE giant Blackstone's rental homes debt


Government’s Fannie Mae will back PE giant Blackstone’s rental homes debt

Government’s Fannie Mae will back PE giant Blackstone’s rental homes debt


Mortgage giant Fannie Mae is getting into the single-family rental business in a big way.

The government-backed agency said it is going into business with private equity giant and major housing player Blackstone by backing $1 billion in debt. Blackstone’s Invitation Homes filed for an initial public offering this week, and the Fannie Mae relationship was disclosed afterward. Blackstone is looking to raise $1.6 billion by selling shares to the public.

Fannie Mae, currently under government conservatorship, will back $1 billion in debt collateralized by rental homes owned by Blackstone.



Kevin Lamarque | Reuters
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3 Responses to “Government’s Fannie Mae will back PE giant Blackstone’s rental homes debt”

  1. Dave Krieger says:

    Why am I not surprised? You can bet that Fannie Mae has securitized the rental portfolio as well and sold off portions to investor groups.

    BTW, the new FDCPA book is off the press now!

  2. “Kareem Salessi 1-27-17”

    “Salessi Weapons of Mass Disclosure” (“Salessi WMD”) continued:

    “FANNIE MAE IS A PRIVATE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE”, which has been piggy-backing & plundering USA through actual U.S. entities, while FANNIE MAE itself was bankrupted long time ago, rendering it illegal to back others’ debts, according to proof:,%20INC.

    Now, my personal proof with an excerpt from my:

    2004 Orange County case# 04CC11080, disclosing “2008 USA financial meltdown, sponsored by FANNIE MAE”:

    “An ongoing Fannie Mai (FNM) congressional investigation is worthy of reference. This private mortgage company has allegedly extended countless card-blanch lines to its member participants including WORLD. Independent financial intelligencia have calculated that FNM, with multi-trillion dollars of outstanding loans is about to collapse and sell its collateral, that is almost the entire American real estate to the infamous European bankers for pennies on the dollar. (will this not amount to national sabotage, treason, and more?).”

    “In short, and simple terms, this means that when FNM, and its baby sisters and brothers, collapse titles of our residential houses would be transferred to the European banks. They will raise u.s. interest rates to double digits, bankrupt over 90% of the public and foreclose on our homes, and everything else. I am informed, and believe and thereon allege, that such a catastrophe is on the horizon and it will dwarf the 1980’s S&L bailout, which bailout amounted to 1.4 Trillions.4 The Euro-bankers cashed the proceeds, credit (fiat money) was restricted and the 1990’s recession emerged. This time they will cash ten-fold and banks like WORLD are their member-instruments. Last time California suffered worse than the rest of the country and so will it this time, I think.”

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    Thank you Mr. Dubin for posting this comment.

    “Kareem Salessi 1/27/17”

  3. Few pages of my 2004 lawsuit with the above FANNIE MAE excerpt:



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