TFH 12/4 | What Every Homeowner Needs To Know Regarding How To Prove that the Promissory Note Your Foreclosing Mortgagee Submits to Court Is a Fake -- Featuring Our Special Guest and Expert Computer Forensic Document Examiner, Dr. James Madison Kelley


TFH 12/4 | What Every Homeowner Needs To Know Regarding How To Prove that the Promissory Note Your Foreclosing Mortgagee Submits to Court Is a Fake — Featuring Our Special Guest and Expert Computer Forensic Document Examiner, Dr. James Madison Kelley

TFH 12/4 | What Every Homeowner Needs To Know Regarding How To Prove that the Promissory Note Your Foreclosing Mortgagee Submits to Court Is a Fake — Featuring Our Special Guest and Expert Computer Forensic Document Examiner, Dr. James Madison Kelley






Sunday – December 4, 2016

Foreclosure Workshop #24:
Foreclosure Workshop #24: Tehiva v. Ocwen — A Revealing Case Study in Abusive Loan Servicing, Why Federal and State Regulation Continues To Fail, and What the Trump Administration Can and Should Immediately Do About It

This Sunday we will present the most definitive up-to-date analysis yet available concerning recent investigative breakthroughs in the scientific basis for successfully disputing in court the authenticity of promissory notes and related endorsements and allonges.

Judges are especially welcome to listen to the show.

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One Response to “TFH 12/4 | What Every Homeowner Needs To Know Regarding How To Prove that the Promissory Note Your Foreclosing Mortgagee Submits to Court Is a Fake — Featuring Our Special Guest and Expert Computer Forensic Document Examiner, Dr. James Madison Kelley”

  1. “Kareem Salessi 12-10-16”

    “Salessi Weapons of Mass Disclosure” (“Salessi WMD”)


    Your above program’s disclosed information was truly illuminating.

    In light of your above forgery disclosures, I feel a need to expand on the criminal schemes underlying the colossal loan document forgeries, namely the well-established facts of bribery of public officials in order to legitimize their forgeries, mainly by the bribery of judicial officers, and eviction marshals/sheriffs, who in the past 9 years must have pocketed actual bribes of around ONE TRILLION DOLLARS, based on the 10% bribe factor disclosed by whistle-blower Judge Dale Chase in his recent book which I had posted within my recent comment thread:

    The briber pretender-lenders are so confident in their forgeries to be legitimized by all courts, and by “bribed law-enforcement”, that their gangster lawyers brazenly boast to courts that the original loan and grant deed documents are actual forgeries, and that therefore the defrauded mortgagors have NO RIGHTS either to the loans, or to the real-estate, due to the original forgeries, committed by the pretender-lenders themselves! I am not joking!

    Next, the corrupt judicial officers accept the gangster lawyers’ self-incriminating forgeries in their own favor, instead of as against them, and then declare the original grant deed and loan documents null-and-void, and based upon that nullity they declare the pretender lenders as the ultimate owners of the national bulk of real estate which has become subject to plunder with fraudulent foreclosures!
    This is the extent of criminality that the USA population has been up against! “It is beyond barbarian lawlessness”.

    I have documented these facts with actual names of gangster lawyers, and judicial officers, who collectively conspired against me for the past ten years. Similar modus operandi crimes have inflicted millions of victims in USA.

    My latest such encounter was just this week, on 12/7/16, when in my original Orange County case# 04CC11080, a “fraudulent attorney LISA McMains” appeared in defense of her former fraudulent forgery clients “Deborah M. Ortiz” and “Patrick F. Ortiz”.
    In my federal case (which was killed by its “Federal Judge David Carter’s illegal stunts”-see footnote***), the above ORTIZ fraudsters, and their gangster associates-in-fact, had admitted that several November 2002 GRANT DEEDS, and related papers, had all been forged in their names, by their gangster listing agents “First Team Real Estate”. Despite their admissions to forgeries, the “fraudulent Lisa McMains” perjured herself in open court by stating: “My ORTIZ clients had done nothing wrong”.
    According to those gangster lawyers, and gangster courts, forgery is NOTHING WRONG as long as those gangsters are paid off to let it by!

    The malicious indifference of courts to forged promissory notes has thus been paid for in advance with bribes, and factored into the colossal chains of foreclosure crimes which were unleashed in 2007 (as I had foreseen in 2004), and which have relentlessly continued to this day, plundering over 15,000,000 homes and millions of commercial realty.

    As Mr. Dubin, Esq., stated in his above program, another 15,000,000 foreclosures are in the pipelines. That makes 30 millions, or half of the entire USA residential real estate- Evidently Agenda 21 genocide plans are in full force and effect, as described by David Icke recently:
    Agenda 21, The Plan To Kill You – David Icke

    What has been tightly concealed, is the millions of lost lives due to these fraudulent foreclosures, in addition to the fact that no pretender-lenders (banks, etc.) ever paid a single dollar towards the purchase of any real estate in USA, as I have proved in my uncontested court documents.
    The above two ultimate material facts justify the “nullification of all USA mortgages”(i.e.: declaring them all void), and the return of all the plundered realty to their original owners, either with a congressional mandate, or by any other legal means, such as by lawful military force.
    It further justifies the mass rounding up of all those who engineered, aided, abetted, and/or benefited from the colossal forgeries and plunders of the past two decades, just as Prof. William Black has relentlessly argued:
    Banksters – William Black tells the real truth

    Because pretender lenders (banks, etc.) have never paid any money towards the purchase of any realty, they have NOT been harmed, as such they can not claim damages by resorting to fraudulent remedies like fraudulent foreclosures, which is all they have done so far.
    Similar “Legal Reasoning” recently defeated Dr. Jill Stein in a Michigan court, in her attempts to recount Michigan’s presidential votes . Had Hillary Clinton initiated such a recount, the above argument could not have been effective against her!


    I have been a real-estate broker for a few years at:

    With my proprietary methods, I have managed to eliminate all possibilities of my clients’ document forgeries, by any sophisticated equipment, or processes.
    I guarantee my clients that if their documents are forged down the line, I would be able to prove the forgeries. Although, no guarantees can be made to overcome corrupt public officials who maliciously legitimize forgeries, and/or accept forged documents as originals, as the courts have done in all of my cases. I provide my forgery-proofing services for any legal documents, written in any languages, thus not limited to California real estate transactions.

    USA Real Estate forgeries begin with fraudulent REALTORs, such as the defendants in my cases; just to name a few: “First Team Real Estate of Orange County”, “Thomas Abercrombie”, “Mike Cabra”, “Coast Cities Escrow”, “Nick Roshdieh”, “Orhan Tolu”, “Commonwealth Land Title”, “Attorney Fred Hickman”, “Judge William Monroe”, et al. Forgeries are then finalized by officers of fraudulent title companies, such as Fidelity Title, or First American Title, and executed by bribed county recorders, who knowingly record forged documents, as payback for regular bribes from title companies. The chances of not being defrauded in USA in the purchase of a real estate, or in any other non-revocable contracts, is less than 5%, according to my personal knowledge and experience.

    Think of it this way: anything you purchase, without a refund/return warranty, you are likely defrauded, such as purchasing or leasing cars or real estate.

    Thank you Mr. Dubin for posting this comment, and for your informative radio programs.

    “Kareem Salessi 12/10/16”

    *** “Federal Judge David Carter”

    How USA judges protect & promote bribery of fellow judges, according my personal experience:

    “Federal Judge David Carter” had multiple concealed conflicts of interest with multiple defendants, and with multiple issues in my cases. He was buddies, and former colleague of defendant William Monroe (an Orange County and State judge).
    Judge carter had worked for around two decades for Defendant County of Orange (OC), as a District Attorney, and later as a state judge who received substantial undisclosed monthly income from Orange County (OC).
    Former U.S. Attorney Richard Fine discovered that such county payments to state judges are concealed bribes to ensure that litigants, who sue OC, or other counties, always lose! Hear Dr. Fine explain it:

    As I had more recently realized, my own cases in “Orange County’s federal court” must have been kited to Judge Carter because of his undisclosed conflicts with the defendants, and to ensure that I lose my cases, just as he wrongfully killed them, as briefly explained below:

    In my federal case, as soon as I served defendant Judge William Monroe with the summons and complaint (6/20/09), Judge Carter illegally suspended my case to kill it, which he eventually did four years later (Dec. 2013)!
    Around 2010, during my Chapter-11 proceedings, when I served a BK-subpoena to judge Monroe to disclose the bribes which he must have received from “Wells Fargo Drug Cartel attorney Fred Hickman”, Judge Carter illegally killed my two active BK-appeals, which appeals had also been kited to Judge Carter for the obvious purpose of being subsequently destroyed, which he eventually did, also with some illegal stunts, instead of ruling on a motion to reverse and remand the case to the BK-court for trial, which motion Judge Carter had illegally left in limbo for a whole year, just waiting for an excuse to kill it, as he did.

    Furthermore, the BK-court, which I believe was on the payroll of the drug cartel, struck my subpoenas to protect her fellow Judge Monroe. None of my bribery allegations against multiple judicial officers, and O.C. officials have been contested, or denied, thus proving them to be true facts, by their waivers of denial, and/or failures to explain.

    Therefore, according to my understandings of pertinent laws, and their applications to the operative facts, the sheer fact that Judge David Carter, and the BK-court, diligently, deliberately, and maliciously, aided and abetted defendants Judge Monroe, and the County of Orange, to get away with and continue their ongoing racketeering to conduct armed raids on families for the purpose of plunder and genocide, amounts to their own complicity in those offenses as one of the federal courts’ forms of modus operandi in fixing cases against victims of USA organized financial crimes and in favor of its organized crime bosses, as in here.

    As such, privately suing corrupt public officials, as I had done, is most likely a futile effort, since other public officials would protect them down the line, just as they protected Judge Monroe in every venue, including, in the California administrative venues, all the way up to the California Supreme Court.

    Furthermore, Judge Carter’s coziness with USA’s corrupt financial crimes institutions (FRS, FDIC, SEC, Treasury, OCC, OTS, etc.), and his concealed stock ownership of “Wells Fargo Drug Cartel”, etc., also helped aggravate the depth of his concealed conflicts in handling my cases, in addition to clouding his judgment in the countless cases where USA appears as a party.

    Furthermore, according to my uncontested information, Judge David Carter has also been employed by the U.S. Department of State, which is an executive branch (Article II) of the USA government, as opposed to “Judge David Carter’s officially disclosed” Article-III judgeship, resulting in a total legal conflict as against his judgeship.
    The U.S. State Department works directly under the U.S. president (now Pres. Obama), despite which Judge Carter had concealed this serious conflict when a lawsuit questioning the authenticity of President Obama’s birth-certificate had most likely been kited to Judge Carter’s court a few years ago, probably in order to ensure the eventual destruction of the case!

    In 2013, I informed Attorney Orly Taitz of the Obama lawsuit about this serious conflict, whereupon she posted my email on her webpage below asking verification of my claim from the public. No USA agency, Judge Carter himself, or anyone else, has contested my above claim, thus rendering it a proof-of-fact just as I had stated it to Attorney Taitz.

    A curious aside:

    These video clips, which were published shortly after the White House website posted a link to President Obama’s alleged birth-certificate, suggest that the posted birth-certificate had been an intentional PhotoShop.
    “Dr. James Madison Kelley”, the forgery expert witness featured above, could easily examine the veracity of these video clips, and determine whether or not the posted birth-certificate is a PhotoShop.
    With the aid of Adobe Illustrator, it probably takes Dr. Kelley less than five minutes to unveil the truth, and hopefully post his findings here!

    “Kareem Salessi 12/10/16”


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