Wells Fargo tries to kill fake account lawsuit


Wells Fargo tries to kill fake account lawsuit

Wells Fargo tries to kill fake account lawsuit


Wells Fargo may be sounding a more friendly tone these days, but the big bank is still playing legal hard ball with victims in the fake account scandal.

Wells Fargo (WFC) customers have opened a class action lawsuit against the bank over the opening of unauthorized accounts in their names.

But Wells Fargo is trying to derail that lawsuit. The bank on Wednesday asked the U.S. District Court in Utah, where the class action suit was filed, to force dozens of those customers to resolve their claims quietly in closed-door arbitration instead of open court.


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2 Responses to “Wells Fargo tries to kill fake account lawsuit”

  1. This comment which was intended for the Neel Kashkari page didn’t post there due to some apparent clitch. I post it here, because it also relates to “Wells Fargo Drug Cartel’s laundering of $1/2 Trillion drug money” from Wachovia in 2008 with the help of those mentioned below:

    “Kareem Salessi 11-29-16”

    “Neel Kashkari , Henry Paulson, Alan Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner “, were just a handful of the many engineers of the world’s greatest ever banking heists and plunders, from inside Goldman Sachs, JPM, Lehman, AIG, the FED, Treasury, SEC, FDIC, OCC, et. cet., as I have been documenting with precision in court files since 2004:

    “Neil Garfield, Dean Baker, Kareem Salessi”

    “Don’t let the bankers get away with this!”


    And most recently under this comment:


    For a related recent article with charts & numbers, together with some of its featured stars see:

    “Why The Fed Destroyed The Market Economy”

    “by Tyler Durden Sep 17, 2016 11:10 AM”

    Having established the fact that all the above named entities are permanent crime-scenes, my first impression is that Kashkari’s return to those crime-scenes appears to be a very bad omen, and that more likely than not he has been working on the “next-gen USA banking heists”, under the color of banking reforms, as you usual. I also saw coming around 2017, in my federal case court files (case# SACV 08-01274 DOC), several years ago. (I proved in court files, that my entire case was compromised, and destroyed, by the “Hon. Judge David O. Carter” in order to protect his buddy-defendant “Orange County Judge William Monroe”, and his former employer “Defendant County of Orange”. “Judge David Carter concealed his conflicts of interest”, based upon the uncontested proofs-of-facts I filed in the above court, and in my 9th Circuit appellate case# 13-57063)!

    Furthermore, focus should not be detracted from the fact that the “2008 USA BANKING HEIST-WMD” is still ongoing, and continues to destroy USA people’s lives, including by actually murdering them with illegal foreclosures, coupled with armed raids on their homes and families, by hired gun killer-mercenaries acting “UNDER THE FALSE COLOR OF LAW ENFORCEMENT”, and with the intent to shoot and kill anyone resisting their armed invasions to plunder their homes and belongings, and to handover the loots to their crime-bosses who have never had any beneficial interests in the stolen properties, real or personal, or in the lives which they have been destroying.

    “Today’s USA banking heists” have essentially been delivering reenactments of genocides and plunders performed by the European invaders of the American Continents beginning 500 years ago, and continuing to this day, such as now in North Dakota.


    Thanks Mr. Dubin for posting this comment.

    “Kareem Salessi 11/29/16”

  2. “Kareem Salessi 12-6-16”

    “Wells Fargo fake accounts for laundering drug money”:

    “Wells Fargo fake accounts have most likely been utilized for laundering drug money”, but not to generate excess fees as commonly publicized:

    “In 2008 Wachovia laundered $1/2 Trillion Drug Money into Wells Fargo” with the facilitation of the Feds, namely: DOJ, FDIC, FRS, OCC, OTS, Treasury, Courts, Congress, etc., all “under the color of law”.
    Google: “WACHOVIA $1/2 Trillion Drug Money Laundering into Wells Fargo”;

    $1/2 Trillion 2008 drug cash equivalent today is at least $2 trillion drug cash!

    Now, 8 years later, Wells Fargo’s total worth shows only $1/4 Trillion!
    So, where did all the drug money go?



    Millions of: fake actual accounts, fake mortgages (a/k/a: accounts), fake foreclosures (a/k/a: accounts), stolen properties (a/k/a: accounts), bribes to public officials(a/k/a: accounts), millions of murdered victims upon fraudulent foreclosures (a/k/a: accounts), and much more, have contributed to smooth out and materialize Wells Fargo’s historic trillion dollar drug money laundering, banking heists, property plunders, and the genocides of USA population, for the past ten years.

    A simple hypothetical of how simple actual fake bank accounts may have most likely been utilized to launder the $1/2 trillion drug cash ($2 trillion today), can be described as follows. This information is based on my personal knowledge, experience, and research into the operations of this USA drug cartel:

    If “Wells Fargo Drug Cartel” had created 10 fake accounts in the name of each of 20 millions of its USA living, or dead clients, then it would have created 200 million fake accounts, of which those named as account holders could not have been aware of, because they would not received any bank statements, unless by mistake. This colossal scam is similar to the colossal MERS counterfeiting operations in which single mortgages are assigned to hundreds of fake Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) without any knowledge of those named in the mortgages! MERS database is not available to mortgagees, and even to MERS members for investigations. (It is available to its fraudulent members only for creating newly faked MBS).

    $2 TRILLION drug cash divided by 200 million fake accounts results in $10,000 (or less) laundered drug cash through each fake account, which could have been churned indefinitely without the actual account holders’ knowledge, especially the dead customers, since such accounts existed only in Wells Fargo computers, just like MERS which is nothing but a hidden database!

    Furthermore, the Wells Fargo drug money as well as the fake accounts, were ideal vehicles for bribery of public official aiders an abettors. A sheriff or judicial bribe, of $100,000 could have been easily paid off without a trace with ten debit/credit cards of $10,000 in ten different names, which could have been easily spent without any trace to its recipient!
    Crimes like this have been concealed by DOJ, with the publicized red herrings.


    I have to believe that the USA DOJ, and opportunistic lawyers, have been complicit in facilitating, and concealing, the “Wells Fargo drug money laundering operations” with their red-herring prosecutions and lawsuits, as it has been their routine modus operandi in the past two decades!

    The above red herrings had been utilized probably because it was too easy to prove that thousands of Wells Fargo executives, and lawyers, would quickly end up in prisons if criminally prosecuted for operating the “Wells Fargo Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE)” because they have been the de facto acting drug king-pins, at least since 2008, as they most likely pass the crime thresholds described in this law firm’s CCE manual:


    and according to this 9th Circuit’s Jury Instructions:


    Related references linked in my comment thread below:


    Thank you Mr. Dubin for posting this comment.

    “Kareem Salessi 12/6/16”


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