Backed by 'Occupy' activists, Loretta Sanchez criticizes Kamala Harris' signature mortgage settlement


Backed by ‘Occupy’ activists, Loretta Sanchez criticizes Kamala Harris’ signature mortgage settlement

Backed by ‘Occupy’ activists, Loretta Sanchez criticizes Kamala Harris’ signature mortgage settlement


Orange County Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s campaign for the U.S. Senate lobbed a new attack at front-runner Kamala Harris on Wednesday, this time criticizing the landmark $25-billion national settlement Harris helped wrestle from the nation’s five largest mortgage firms.

The settlement is one of the California attorney general’s biggest victories: A recent ad from Harris’ campaign featured President Obama praising the settlement. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has too.

Sanchez, as she has done before, held a news conference outside a state building in downtown Los Angeles, joined by members of an activist group called Occupy Fights Foreclosures, a spinoff of the Occupy LA protest group.


image: (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

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One Response to “Backed by ‘Occupy’ activists, Loretta Sanchez criticizes Kamala Harris’ signature mortgage settlement”

  1. “Kareem_Salessi_11-3-16”

    Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris are both untrustworthy, according to my personal observations:

    Loretta Sanchez is from Orange County (a/k/a: World Capital of Fraud), with around 100,000 pieces (1/6th) of its real estate stolen using fraudulent foreclosures since 2008, courtesy of Ms. Sanchez who did nothing against them, and who might have benefited from them by buying stolen properties for pennies on the dollar, of which she now accuses Kamala Harris, in selling out California?s foreclosure victims to pretender lenders ?for pennies on the dollar?, which is what all government operatives have also been conspiring in their collective plunder of USA real estate, and the subsequent genocide of its victims.

    O.C. Court Corruptions:

    On 9/7/16, FBI arrested a dozen O.C. Court clerks for fixing thousands of traffic court cases in return for bribes [from lawyers of course], yet FBI let the judges as well as the lawyers off the hook for phony reasons, such as the judges ?”having been unaware” of their cases being fixed with the judges own signatures on dismissal judgments while no reasons even given for letting the fixing-lawyers off the hook. That preferential treatment sounds very similar to FBI?s recently publicized preferential treatments of presidential candidates & their cronies by letting them off the hook for countless criminal activities.

    Since Ms. Sanchez has bragged about her services to Orange County, it is in order here for me to show how corruptly OC courts operate, courtesy of Ms. Sanchez as well as Ms. Harris:

    A few months ago, I filed a complaint with the California DOJ, Ms. Kamala Harris, against Orange County Courts? case fixing with fraudulent paperwork. I documented that a San Mateo attorney had managed to fix the dismissal of a 2002 defendant against whom I had obtained a non-appealable 2007 money judgment, by influencing O.C. courts, and/or its clerks as well as by the modus operandi of those courts against self-represented individuals, such as myself, in destroying their cases with fraudulent paperwork. Not surprisingly, I didn?t even receive a receipt confirmation of my complaint from the DOJ.

    In these instances, three consecutive O.C. courts had signed orders of transfer and reassignment of the case to one another without serving the orders to me, in addition to filing judge-signed, but NOT served, orders in the case docket! I timely discovered those frauds and filed prober motions, and/or, documents for the court to void them, however it refused to do so, based upon their apparent anti-pro se modus operandi!

    I will probably link to those documents here, once I load them onto my website.?

    The O.C. Courts’ traffic cases, and this recent personal incident, are similar to the Robo-Signing forgeries of foreclosure papers. These courts, and may be all other Ca. courts) have become so accustomed to such forgeries that it has become second nature to them as if there exists no other method of doing business (i.e.: NO legal method) except what they are accustomed to do which amounts to “ACTUAL FRAUD”, pursuant to numerous state/federal statutes, and/or case laws, all of which the same courts ridicule when they are involved in committing their own frauds.

    The above recent O.C. Court incidents are very similar to the era of San Diego Courts famous “Adams Game” played in the fixing of hundreds of cases for around two decades in San Diego Courts (a/k/a: “Enron On the Sea”), under the supervision of a later convicted Judge Adams who “Kited” cases, of a later convicted attorney Patrick Frega, to a bunch of other judges participating in playing “The Adams Game”, in return for bribes, which bribes amounted to nothing compared with the foreclosure bribes of 10%, according to the retired Judge Dale Chase in his recent book:

    Page 96: “Given these circumstances, it was absolutely necessary for them to involve the Judges in their criminal conduct. Foreclosure Judges receive 10% of the original Promissory Note, after they authorize the bank to steal and sell your assets in foreclosure.”

    “The Adams Game” players were later indicted, and/or convicted, yet their victims were never compensated, as is the usual modus operandi of such prosecutions, while the DOJ cashed in whatever it could from its culprits!

    ?.$25,000,000,000. ($25 billion) bribe paid to California D.O.J. (nothing to victims of course):

    $25 billion “California DOJ Mortgage Settlement” was an actual bribe to DOJ to allow USA crime banks to continue their plunder of millions of real estate unhampered, and the genocide of millions of USA population with their fraudulent foreclosures.
    A Nevada state attorney told me this specific detail when I investigated the apparent murder of Tracy Lawrence by Fidelity Title hit-squad just before her appearance to blow the whistle to a Grand Jury on Fidelity?s Robo-Signing (forgery) operations, leading to the plunder of millions of pieces of real estate in USA.
    After the apparent murder of Tracy Lawrence, Fidelity lawyers bribed the Nevada DOJ only $5,000,000 to stop investigating the apparent murder of Tracy Lawrence, and to stop prosecuting their forgery crimes in the future. Nevada sold out real cheap in comparison with California . But victims never saw any of either money, in Nevada, or in California!

    I extensively documented these facts (with exhibits) in my 5/16/16 filed Appellant?s Opening Brief in my 9th Circuit Court of Appeal case# 13-57063, which case was dismissed most likely in conspiracy with the USA foreclosure, and financial, crimes syndicates which have run their criminal operations in the USA since at least 200 years ago, whose executives publicly confirmed their criminal conspiracies in this Swiss event:

    Banker Admits “We Engineered the Global Financial Crisis” 1 [with the help of conspiring governments?]

    My recent related comment in this page:

    And thank you for posting this comment Mr. Dubin.



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