Never missing a payment, Couple loses foreclosure battle


Never missing a payment, Couple loses foreclosure battle

Never missing a payment, Couple loses foreclosure battle

Different Set of Books!!!


An Apopka couple is being kicked out of their home after losing an eight-year foreclosure battle in court. The couple’s own records show they never missed making a mortgage payment, but their lender had a different set of books that showed otherwise.

Action 9’s Todd Ulrich investigated how this happened, and why it should alarm anyone who thinks his mortgage company made a mistake.

The Mannino’s have been packing all their belongings at the house in Apopka since losing the foreclosure fight. Mike Mannino said his American dream of home ownership just died.


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3 Responses to “Never missing a payment, Couple loses foreclosure battle”

  1. Dave Krieger says:

    And this is the TV Station that carried the piece featuring Matt Weidner, Florida foreclosure defense attorney, blasting the Osceola County Forensic Examination without having read the report! WFTV’s reporter, Jorge Esteves, was obviously on a mission to unsuccessfully destroy Osceola County Circuit Clerk Armando Ramirez’s chances for re-election (Ramirez faces once-defeated county clerk Malcolm Thompson in November). The truth will out people! You can download a copy of the report Matt Weidner said “wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on” and see for yourself why this report was shunned by 9th Circuit State’s Attorney Jeff Ashton (who was just defeated in the August primary by Aramis Ayala). Notice the Osceola County Sheriff isn’t running again? Ask yourself why. When it comes to foreclosures, the courts have it all wrong!

  2. Randall Stephens says:

    FL AG Pam Bondi won’t help them.

    In May (or June) of 2011 Bondi fired two of the states (and countries) most effective Assistant Attorneys General, June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards.

    Here is one piece written contemporary with those firings:

    There is plenty of other coverage on these firings (or forced resignations).

    This was an early “shot across the bow” directed at folks in the legal profession saying, more or less “If you actually do your job, try to protect the innocent, and go after the criminals, you’ll be punished.”

  3. Lazarus says:

    IMO … this case shows [exactly] why the venue in which we choose to fight these battles … is paramount, and cannot be over emphasized.

    The federal bankruptcy court offers relief against false creditors and their claims because the bankruptcy rules favor commercial certainty, and, the federal bankruptcy court (CA) is applying “state law” concerning real property rights more appropriately than the state courts are.

    For example … for decades California state courts have been denying lawsuits pertaining to invalid assignments of the deed of trust and loan; but, the federal bankruptcy courts in California routinely apply the UCC and state laws for recording assignments, and when the creditor’s claim is deficient based on invalid assignments, the federal BK-court may disallow the claim.

    It is heartbreaking to see these tragedies continuing when [we] know the truth..


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