Colorado AG claims victory in fighting a case against deceptive foreclosures |


Colorado AG claims victory in fighting a case against deceptive foreclosures |

Colorado AG claims victory in fighting a case against deceptive foreclosures |


Colorado’s Attorney General says she has won a procedural victory in a case that allows her to go after a firm she says inflated foreclosure costs on Colorado homebuyers.

Attorney General Cynthia Coffman said in a statement today that in the case State vs. The Castle Law Group, the Colorado Supreme Court held that she can introduce critical evidence at trial to demonstrate allegations that the Castle Law Firm used affiliated businesses to artificially inflate foreclosure-related costs.

Coffman alleges that the Tennesse-based Castle Law Group and its principals, in concert with affiliated foreclosure-related businesses, systematically charged inflated and deceptive costs for routine services necessary to complete home foreclosures, while falsely representing that those costs were “actual, reasonable and necessary.”


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One Response to “Colorado AG claims victory in fighting a case against deceptive foreclosures |”

  1. crittermom says:

    It’s about time! The AG’s ofc put Aronowitz & Mecklenburg out of business for exactly the same things a while back & fined ’em $7.7 million, as stated in articles previously published here.
    Emails proved these firms worked in cahoots with each other in setting their inflated prices.

    Castle is even worse. Larry Castle was a trustee for a while & got bills passed that only enriched his (& his family’s) bank accts while further screwing the homeowners. Because of his antics, Colorado is unique among the nation regarding foreclosures, including the fact it only takes an attorney’s signature stating they had seen all of the paperwork & it was legal, in order to foreclose. It’s a non-judicial Ruling 120 state.

    He also got a bill passed in the guise of “helping homeowners” by requiring yet an additional posting of a foreclosure notice.
    His real reason behind that?
    They formed their own companies to post the foreclosure notices, charging $125 per posting while the going rate was $25. Those inflated prices were tacked onto the homeowners cure, of course.
    He has a financial interest in one of two software programs used to file foreclosures in each county. Larry has made sure that most of the county’s use ‘his’ system by refusing to use the other system when filing, forcing the county’s using his competitor’s system to transfer everything, greatly increasing man hours for that county. Blackmail, if you will.
    Yet this story hasn’t seemed to make the main news.

    He wined & dined the trustees, contributing to their campaign funds even when they were running unopposed. (Such was the case in my county)

    An award-winning investigative writer for the Denver Post named David Migoya wrote numerous articles exposing all of this.
    The articles were several years back but here is a link to one:

    I know all of these facts from reading his articles when they were being published…
    …And because I was a victim, losing my beloved ranch of 20 yrs.
    That was almost 5 yrs ago & prices have increased so incredibly much since then in Colorado, I fear I’ll never be able to return to the state I loved, called home for 37 yrs, & never intended to leave.
    After being left homeless for the first time in my life, I couldn’t afford to remain there.

    I’m extremely pleased to read that the AG’s ofc is allowed to go beyond just the law firm & include their businesses associated with it.

    I would be most pleased if Larry Castle were behind bars for his illegal doings against the homeowners of CO while serving as a Trustee.
    Go get him, Cynthia Coffman!


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