The next planned Quiet Title Workshop is slated for Saturday and Sunday, May 28th and 29th, 2016 in Chicago at the Radisson O’Hare Airport Hotel in Des Plaines, Illinois from 9 5 p.m. both days.

The planning of this event still gives you time to take morning flights out to spend with your families on Memorial Day, despite the fact that many Chicagoans are expect to attend this event.

All attendees to this Workshop will receive a FREE COPY of The Quiet Title War Manual, along with a 16GB USB flash drive which is loaded with seven years of research on quiet title actions and foreclosure defense information and case law you can share with your foreclosure defense attorney!  We even anticipate that a few foreclosure defense attorneys will be attending this event, so it would open the doors for great networking possibilities for you, the student of quiet title.

Education is important, especially when it comes to legal issues.  No matter what time of the year, if you are in property distress and/or facing foreclosure, you owe it to yourself to invest in your future by attending this workshop!

Here is the flyer for the Chicago Quiet Title Workshop: QT WORKSHOP FLYER_CHICAGO_2016

Here is the registration form for the Quiet Title Workshop: QT WORKSHOP 2016_CHICAGO_REGISTRATION FORM

We’ve also included a syllabus containing the schedule of topics discussed by myself and Quiet Title Superlawyer Al West: CHICAGO QT WORKSHOP SYLLABUS

There are a limited number of seats to this event.  Because the workshop is slightly more than thirty (30) days away, we suggest that you plan your schedule for that weekend accordingly and make plans to attend this invaluable workshop! 

Homeowners: The information you learn in this workshop will make you more knowledgeable about the subject matter than most attorneys who dabble in real property law.

Investors: The information we offer in this workshop is designed to help you avoid tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in investing in or defending your already-acquired investment properties.

Paralegals: Who has more of a handle on actual case files than you?  The step-by-step procedural handouts we offer in this class will help you to be the best paralegal you can be!

Attorneys: Quiet title actions, when properly and timely filed, can be very effective when done properly.  Attorney Al West shares with you the latest strategies that he has developed to secure quiet title wins for his clients!  Put aside any preconceived notions, because we know you haven’t heard of a “C & E” … and this is one strategy in winning a quiet title action you don’t want to be without!  This will save you time and expense in winning a quiet title action!

What a unique holiday plan!  

Again, despite the fact it’s a holiday weekend, we must take pause to recognize that Memorial Day does not just reflect on the service and the sacrifices that our veteran’s made, it also commemorates the losses we have suffered as Americans in the wake of foreclosures that have swept this country and continue to plague our very existence.

Visit the Clouded Titles Website and register for this once-only area event!  When you book your hotel sleeping room, ask about our Quiet Title Workshop sleeping room group rate, accompanied by a FREE full breakfast each day of the event for those booking sleeping rooms at the Radisson!

Al West and I will not be back in Chicago again, so this would be the time to plan your picnics and other celebrations around the Quiet Title Workshop!  Become empowered!   Learn to effectively fight the good fight!

Will you be proactive or reactive?

Millions of Americans have simply given up fighting a foreclosure of their home.  They didn’t plan for this eventuality.  They were promised something that eventually they could make good on: a mortgage loan that was unaffordable and at best, predatory in nature.  When push comes to shove, we believe that your original note and mortgage were digitally uploaded into the MERS® System … and then shredded!   Most Americans do not realize this!

The Illinois courts (as well as courts in other areas of the country) appear to NOT be homeowner friendly because desperate, uneducated homeowners don’t understand what is required to defend their properties.  Instead of fighting the right issues in a timely manner (proactive), they wait until it’s too late and cling to whatever ideas they happen to glean from the Internet (reactive) in an attempt to save their homes.  A majority (85%) of them run away.  This is what the banks want!   Most flee their situation because of a lack of education!

If you’re still paying on your mortgage in a timely manner, this workshop is for you, especially if you have a MERS-originated mortgage!  We’ll give you the educational tools you need to do your research to “fight the good fight”!

Please also understand that Al West, Esq. is a sincere friend of the homeowner.  He has won dozens of quiet title actions and has taken time out of his busy schedule to educate homeowners to “get ugly”!  His time is extremely valuable, so it should come as no surprise that our 2016 tour is a highly precious commodity!   Technically, you have less than 30 days to decide what is important to your future.  Make good choices!

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