Court Sides With Lenders in Prolonged Foreclosure Case


Court Sides With Lenders in Prolonged Foreclosure Case

Court Sides With Lenders in Prolonged Foreclosure Case

Daily Business Review –

The Third District Court of Appeal split 6-4 Wednesday when the full court revisited the application of the five-year statute of limitations in mortgage foreclosures with input from a national array of lending and consumer lawyers.

The state appellate court reversed itself after an en banc hearing in a case that pitted Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas against homeowner Harry Beauvais and Aqua Master Association Inc. in Miami Beach.

The bank requested a rehearing before the entire court after the Third DCA contradicted a Fifth DCA decision. The Third DCA now agrees with a Fifth DCA ruling that finds a missed mortgage payment after an initial failed foreclosure lawsuit starts a new five-year clock for filing suit.

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One Response to “Court Sides With Lenders in Prolonged Foreclosure Case”

  1. Mick says:

    No Mark,
    They’re a disgrace to the HUMAN Race.
    They start out as BANK Lawyers,
    Get Nominated by BANK Lawyers,
    Are appointed by BANK Lawyers,
    and then sit over BANK Foreclosures(&Foreclosure Frauds) and we’re to expect zero bias?
    Heck their entire retirement (as in Judicial Pension) is heavily vested in these SAME Corporate leviathans who intend to rape us all, of everything, before the fat lady sings the final chorus.
    Simple Solution:
    ANY Justice who formerly was employed by A Bank, Retained by a Bank’s Defense Firm or individually represented ANY Bank/Lending Institution in FC Cases should necessarily be recused from ruling on FC Cases….and make a VERY BIG DEAL about how RIGGED the system is, (Like Trump at the moment), so the common person realizes how entrenched the BANKS are in controlling ALL the Outcomes.


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