FORECLOSURE| Deputy killed, 2 deputies injured, serving eviction notice in Park County; Suspect shot and killed


FORECLOSURE| Deputy killed, 2 deputies injured, serving eviction notice in Park County; Suspect shot and killed

FORECLOSURE| Deputy killed, 2 deputies injured, serving eviction notice in Park County; Suspect shot and killed

The Denver Channel-

Three deputies were shot, one was killed, while serving an eviction notice in Bailey on Wednesday morning.

“It is a dark day,” Susan Medina, spokeswoman for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, said.

The man at the home at 36 Iris Drive, Martin Wirth, was armed with a rifle and opened fire on the deputies, according to Medina.

Wirth was shot and killed by deputies returning fire. Wirth has previously run for office and had been fighting foreclosure for years.


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3 Responses to “FORECLOSURE| Deputy killed, 2 deputies injured, serving eviction notice in Park County; Suspect shot and killed”

  1. crittermom says:

    I lived in that county for 20 years, until my humble ranch of 20 years was stolen by Chase Bank. I know the area well.
    This was a tragedy & I in no way condone the homeowners actions in taking lives. That was wrong.
    But I can certainly understand his frustration.

    However, perhaps some good may come of this as most don’t realize Colorado is unique among the nation in its foreclosure laws. It’s time the ugly truth is exposed. It’s a shame & shouldn’t be that it may take something of this magnitude & the loss of lives to do so, but hoping now the truth comes out.

    In CO it only requires an attorney’s signature for a foreclosure, stating all the paperwork is in order. Forget little things like a deed or title or wet note signature. Those defenses aren’t allowed in your Ruling 120 Response (nonjudicial state).

    That law is thanks to a scumbag attorney in charge of one of the biggest foreclosure mills in the state. He got the law passed while an appointed Trustee, in addition to other dirty deeds.
    His firm has since been indicted by the AG’s ofc—but the laws have yet to change.

    The other foreclosure mill, Aronowitz & Mecklenburg, (between the 2 of ’em they did 90% of the foreclosures in the state), was put out of business by the AG’s ofc & fined $7.7 million.
    Larry Castle of Castle Law Group (formerly Castle Stawiarski) is the scumbag atty I referred to earlier, & he’s still fighting their conviction, last I knew.

    I believe it may be one of the most difficult states to defend an illegal foreclosure in, for several reasons, so I can understand first hand that homeowners frustration.

    I’m hoping this site & many others will investigate Colorado laws further, in an effort to shame the state into changing them. Currently, they are completely slanted in favor of the banks & unique among the nation.

    Rather than spell it all out here, please reference articles over the past years in the Denver Post by writer David Migoya.
    He’s received awards for his foreclosure coverage & exposes the truth well.
    Make your findings viral. Please.
    Perhaps it’ll help some good come of this awful loss of lives.

  2. BLD says:


    Thank you for your comment as so many homeowners are in this battle…non judicial states are fighting like hell as we speak. Keep speaking out. As you and I well know, in a non judicial state they can steal your property with fraudulent documents that go unexamined.
    This is criminal and the criminals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

    Thank for all that you do.


    Does anyone know the details of this armed raid leading to the shootings?

    Here is an older Colorado style mass-theft of real estate with forged papers, during the S&L crisis, described here by Colonel Chip Tatum who handled bulks of the forged papers.

    Radio Stew Webb and CIA Whistleblower Gene Chip Tatum 1997

    This time around the forgeries and property thefts have covered over 15,000,000 pieces of real estate nationwide, including around 20% of all residential real estate.
    Most likely than not this armed ambush resulting in the above shooting was initiated with a fraudulent foreclosure, because every USA foreclosure since the past decade has been fraudulent per se.
    That being the case, the ambushed victim was likely acting in self-defense, of himself, his family, and/or his property, while the raiders, in exchange for good money, must have volunteered to raid his house with the intent to steal his real estate by killing him, and his family, if they chose to. That is how heartless a typical “American eviction-cop” is today. The same heartless cops have begun arresting thousands of people for defaulted student loans from pretender lenders who never paid a penny towards those loans!

    Such raiders (Eviction cops) volunteer to murder people in exchange for money and a couple of pieces of forged, and/or fraudulent sheets of paper fabricated by gangster lawyers, who bribe court clerks to sell them writs of possession, which they then take to bribed Sheriff staff to buy fraudulent eviction orders.
    American Sheriffs, and DOJ, have since long taken sides with gangster lawyers working for financial criminals, passing themselves as banks and lenders, which never had any money to begin with to lend to anyone.

    When a rarely honest sheriff like Sheriff Chris Conley discovered that lawyers and courts were committing crimes against humanity, by cooking foreclosure papers to steal realty, he forbid his agents to evict people. But he was soon confronted and prevented from continuing to perform his “honest services” because the “American foreclosure industry is a state sponsored genocide” of Americans, planned decades ago to play a major role in the global plan of “Agenda-21 Genocide”, planned by the top banking criminals, for the genocide of over 90% of the world’s population.

    Carroll County NH High Sheriff Chris Conley Press Conference 7:2:12

    Thank you for posting this comment.

    “Kareem Salessi 2-28-16”


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