Title problems threaten to cause family to lose their South Tampa home


Title problems threaten to cause family to lose their South Tampa home

Title problems threaten to cause family to lose their South Tampa home


Kris and Rebecca Kraft face losing their South Tampa Home, even though they’ve never missed a mortgage payment. They never even did business with the bank trying to take their home.

The Krafts bought their house, at 1508 S. Arrawana Ave., in 2013. Everything was fine, but then they started receiving strange mail from real estate professionals. The professionals offered to help the couple fight foreclosure or relocate to another home they could afford.

“It’s mind blowing that something like this could happen,” Kris Kraft told 8 On Your Side.

Then the situation got worse. They came home to find foreclosure notices taped to their front door and garage. Plus, a “relocation specialist,” hired by Nationstar Bank, started calling constantly, wanting to the Krafts to move out.


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3 Responses to “Title problems threaten to cause family to lose their South Tampa home”

  1. Dave Krieger says:

    This also just goes to show you that title companies are further “into the scheme” with banks and servicers than they have led us to believe. Maine Attorney Thomas Cox told me that 20 years ago, title companies stated they wouldn’t get involved in stuff like this. This has obviously changed. This is one of the reasons I am doing COTA and Quiet Title Workshops … know you have clear title BEFORE you buy!

  2. crittermom says:

    The biggest surprise to me is that the news agency seemed so stunned by the banks actions.

    And it certainly came as no surprise to me when the reporter was on hold for “33 minutes”. Weren’t (most) all of us when trying to deal with “our” bank or others involved with our mortgages?

    Having to slide a card under the door when trying to deal with the title company who apparently didn’t want to be confronted by a reporter?
    It seems things haven’t really changed. Despite all the settlements.

    This is not the first incident involving such foreclosures, as too many of us know.
    Also known to so many of us (thanks in part to sites such as this) is that ALL titles with MERS involved are now clouded, & probably MERS was involved in this one, as well.

    As mentioned in the video there was a foreclosure upon the previous owner, & now what a mess they’re embroiled in. They may lose the same home, as well.
    As the reporter states, this home should never have been sold since it has a clouded title. BINGO! They should run that statement in a loop for a while.

    These folks definitely have a case to win at least damages, I would think, but it’ll require a lot of money in doing so, not to mention the pure emotional strain such a battle puts those involved through.

    Yes. It is all VERY, VERY WRONG.
    And it obviously hasn’t stopped, despite all the huge “settlements” imposed upon the banks.
    To them, it’s just the cost of doing business.
    So these settlements are obviously not working.

    The news programs need to continue to expose such behavior so citizens know the housing crisis is NOT over, & this is proof.
    While the news assumes they made some progress by getting the home off the market listing, all of us victims know that means little, actually. The banks will be coming at ’em again. Welcome to the vicious circle known as foreclosure!

    I’m glad this story was reported & hope this opened some eyes as to what has been going on all along for homeowners in crisis, & obviously continues.

    We’re sure to see more such examples in the future of clouded titles being exposed. The backlash has begun against the new owners of foreclosed homes, as was predicted, & this shows the foreclosures continue to be rubber-stamped in the courts.

  3. crittermom says:

    No doubt the title companies have worked hand-in-hand with the banks.
    I seem to remember reading something about the title companies now changing the very tiny print on their contracts, so it now basically relieves them of any fault should the information contain errors. It excuses them from any liability.
    Am I wrong in thinking this is their new standards regarding title insurance?


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