Banks Win Again | Foreclosure FRAUD Title Clearing Bill Clears Senate


Banks Win Again | Foreclosure FRAUD Title Clearing Bill Clears Senate

Banks Win Again | Foreclosure FRAUD Title Clearing Bill Clears Senate

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STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, SEPT. 17, 2015…..The Senate took a big step on Thursday toward giving some legal assurances to those who purchase homes in foreclosure, a controversial step opposed by the branch’s liberal wing.

On a 31 to 7 vote in its first formal session since July, the Senate passed a measure that would limit property title challenges to a three-year window going forward. The bill now goes to the House.

Proponents of the bill (S 1981) argue that lengthy periods when the home’s former owner can dispute the title leave new owners unable to sell the home or refinance a mortgage. Opponents say the change will strip recourse from those who were forced out of their homes in an illegal foreclosure.


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One Response to “Banks Win Again | Foreclosure FRAUD Title Clearing Bill Clears Senate”

  1. crittermom says:

    First they took our homes illegally, now taking away our rights to point that fact out in court. Not good.

    It was the banks dragging things out during HAMP attempts. They were supposed to abide by the “90 day trial period”, but didn’t—& “our” govt didn’t enforce those rules.

    Yet now they want a time limit put on homeowners to challenge the illegalities of the foreclosures? What bunk!

    Is this supposed to make 17 million of us victims forget what happened to us, & “make it all better” regarding those nasty titles under MERS?
    It won’t. We can never forget. We still live with the consequences of it every day of our lives. This adds insult to injury.

    Oh. That’s right. It has nothing to do with us former homeowners. We no longer matter. It’s all about the new money being invested in our homes. We no longer count, nor have a say.
    Further injustice upon us citizens, who lost our American dream.

    Justice would be opening up the IFR again, & letting them complete their investigation. They were mere mths away from having the true facts being exposed on EVERY mtg, after spending many mths entering all the info.
    Oops! The ugly truth was coming out & it would have cost the “poor banks” too much money, so the govt stepped in & shut it down.
    Now this bill is being proposed, to further help the banks.

    Anyone besides me calling “FOUL”?


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