One of the biggest pension funds in the US is going after Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan


One of the biggest pension funds in the US is going after Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan

One of the biggest pension funds in the US is going after Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan


One of the biggest pension funds in the world is going on the offensive against Brian Moynihan and Bank of America, and reaching far back into its playbook to do so.

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) earlier this month sent a letter to Bank of America detailing its opposition to the plan to install CEO Brian Moynihan as chairman.

It also sent the Securities and Exchange Commission a copy of the letter – a move that allows CalSTRS to take its argument to other shareholders and try and sway opinion against the leadership consolidation plan. That’s something it hasn’t done in at least two years.


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2 Responses to “One of the biggest pension funds in the US is going after Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan”


    Dear CalSTRS

    CalSTRS method of going after BOA MOB-BOSS is too soft.
    BOA and all other U.S. banks are worthless, they have no assets. Their stocks are similarly worthless. See my 3/11/09 federal complaint for proof, in above litigation page, or at this link:

    Big American financial entities books are cooked. U.S. banks, and financial companies, have been conduits for covert plunder of public’s money by their mob-bosses who have pocketed the loots which do not show in banks books.
    I have enough facts to indict thousands of such people for financial, and related crimes.

    If CalSTRS, or any other pension funds, or “law enforcement” (if such thing even exists in USA), want to go after financial mobsters, I have enough facts to charge them, indict them, convict them, and lock them up for good, and to disgorge every dollar they plundered in the past 15 years!

    This goes for the mob-bosses of federal agencies such as those of the FED, FDIC, SEC, Treasury, IMF, World Bank, and any lawyers or individuals who had anything to do with the design, creation, marketing, and sale of counterfeit financial instruments known as “Mortgage-Backed-Securities” (i.e.: MBS junk bonds) which have totaled over One Quadrillion dollars of counterfeited junk bonds which they created and sold, and continue to create and sell, to the likes of CalSTRS, CALPERS, and every other pension fund in this country and abroad.

    The sale of MBS counterfeit junk bonds is what caused the world’s plunder of wealth by a handful of such criminals, based in USA and Europe, and which artificially induced the 2008 financial meltdown which I had documented to occur, but four years earlier!

    I have enough facts to justify the immediate indictments of anyone who had anything to do with creating MBS, which are nothing but junk bonds. Similarly, I have enough facts against any lawyers, and public officials, who participated, or assisted, in America’s foreclosure-genocide campaign against the American population in the past 15 years, as they were fully aware they were working for genocidal mobsters, and that I had given ACTUAL NOTICE to them with my 2004 court documents, that the USA foreclosure-genocide campaign had been planned and was being implemented at that time, and was to implode USA in 2007-2008, as it exactly did!

    I have enough facts for non-USA nations to arrest everyone of such individuals upon setting foot in their countries, or violating their airspace, including former and current U.S. financial mobsters, and officials. Arrest the, charge them, convict them, and strip them of the loots.
    MBS junk bonds have mobsters signatures, and names, on each junk paper, thus easy to identify. Many others assisted the drafting of those junk bonds who are also identifiable once the original signatories are charged.

    “If you have the guts, I have the facts.”

    Yours truly,
    “Kareem Salessi” 9/18/15
    “Kareem Salessi 9-18-2015”

  2. 4 years ago: My supporting comment on LIVINGELIES.COM

    Kareem Salessi, on October 23, 2011 at 6:19 pm said:
    If you endorse any portion of my UNPUBLISHED comment below on SEC’S new proposed S7-35-11, please send the PDF to them as an attachment with your supporting comments:
    – 9-5-11 S.E.C.’s New Joke: Regulate COUNTERFEITING by S7-35-11

    Above SEC-MBS page can also be found in GOOGLE: “Salessi’s Comments on 9/5/11”


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