Sue Your Bank, Keep Your Home, Repeat


Sue Your Bank, Keep Your Home, Repeat

Sue Your Bank, Keep Your Home, Repeat


Four years ago, Robert and Joan Potter were facing a crisis. The monthly payments on their two-bedroom home in the coastal suburb of Laguna Niguel, Calif., had ballooned from $2,000 to $5,000 in the decade since they bought it for about $360,000. Now the retirees were rapidly falling behind.

“It was my parents’ dream home,” said their son, Derrick, 43. Derrick, who works as a mortgage consultant, said Robert and Joan got suckered into the kind of inflationary deal known as a negative amortization loan, since outlawed by state legislators. “They had some sleazy mortgage broker who said my mom, who hasn’t worked in 25 years, made $10,000 a month.”

Still, there was hope. The Potters heard about a firm called Brookstone Law, which was pioneering a novel strategy for challenging allegedly predatory banks. The best part: As long as Brookstone was representing Robert and Joan, the bank would hold off on collecting mortgage payments or foreclosing.

In 2011, Robert and Joan paid Brookstone $6,000 to become the lead plaintiffs in a “mass joinder” lawsuit against their lender, JPMorgan Chase Bank…


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2 Responses to “Sue Your Bank, Keep Your Home, Repeat”


    ?Santa Ana California Bankruptcy Court is a MAFIA?, it is an Organized Crime, according to my personal knowledge and experience:
    I believe I have posted enough online proof to show that the ?Santa Ana Bankruptcy Court? where the above events were staged, is an organized crime in and of itself. That is where the case of the raided United Law Group (ULG) is filed.
    I found that court to be a highly organized MAFIA.

    Among documents I have posted are a bankruptcy court’s voice recordings, and forged transcriptions, by fraudulent uncertified (off-the-streets) transcribers (Briggs Reporting Company) which I have posted in my Litigation Page linked above.
    The voice recording documents the evident obedience of ?Bankruptcy Judge Erithe E. Smith? to drug traffickers as recorded by the court itself.
    ?Judge Erithe Smith? hearing me to state loud and clear, inter alia, that:
    ?Your Honor: Wachovia is not a bank, it is not a lender, it is not a mortgage company; Wachovia is purely a Drug Cartel which used its acquisition of World Savings Bank to launder over $100 billion of its drug money?.. Wachovia?s subsequent fraudulent name changing operations into Wells Fargo was to complete its $1/2 trillion drug money laundering operations to sweep it under Wells Fargo?s rugs …?
    A reasonable person, in place of ?Judge Erithe E. Smith?, would have immediately asked the drug traffickers? fraudulent agent (attorney ?Frederick J. Hickman?) to answer my well documented charges, and to disbar him immediately if found to be working for drug traffickers, and to order the raid of his gangster law firm AFRCT, and disbarment AFRCT associates, and that if ?Fred Hickman? ?could not deny my charges there and then, at the very least to order an injunction against all of Wachovia Drug Cartel?s foreclosure operations statewide, and even nationwide, unless, and until they prove they were not drug traffickers, and prove that they had not acquired their fraudulently claimed real estate assets as parts & parcels of ?Wachovia drug money laundering operations?.
    ?Fred Hickman? of course could not deny my above charges, because he must have been aware that his drug-cartel bosses were about to confess to those crimes in writing in a sham Florida court case which eventually whitewashed Wachovia?s $1/2 trillion laundered drug money into a new bogus Wells Fargo name, by their signed confessions, and without the forfeiture of that historic amount of laundered drug money, and without indicting a single drug-don!

    However, with all said and done against individual crime banks such as Wachovia & Wells Fargo, this is probably the core facilitator of the two & a half centuries old ?USA foreclosure/genocide industry?:

    FDIC’s continued criminal enterprise of liquidating crime banks, like the several thousands of them, liquidated since 2007, to facilitate nationwide plunder of real estate, while keeping those banks themselves out of bankruptcy courts, ensures that bankrupt banks, which never paid a $ to anyone, or towards any mortgages or loans, in the first place, can pass on to FDIC their own fraudulent claims to assets, in order for the FDIC to physically plunder those assets, after FDIC?s official liquidation of those crime banks.

    Further details on the above:
    Did you know that, by criminal fraud, a privately registered Delaware company, called FDIC, which assumes no liabilities for its wrongs, has become both the exclusive bankruptcy court, and the exclusive bankruptcy trustee, of all American banks!
    Under such a criminal scheme FDIC liquidates any banks, any time it wishes, and as ordered by its masters, and begins to plunder everything listed under those banks? names as FDIC?s own assets, while discarding those banks? liabilities entirely, with a fraudulent statutes which preempts any competing creditors claims, against any banks which FDIC plunders.
    Those ?competing claim creditors? are often people who had paid real money to purchase actual real estate, or MBS junk bonds, with crime banks? names appearing as conduits anywhere in the process (such as MBS junk-bond issuers; or banks as pretender mortgagees-without having paid a single $ towards any loans; or by banks? simple forgery of loan and/or grant deed documents, as pretender lenders-Such as in my case).

    Above details, I believe, is one of the best kept secrets of this continuing criminal enterprise of ?USA financial crimes industry?, tied directly with courts, especially bankruptcy courts, which I believe are instructed to keep it secret and to mercilessly act as FDIC executioners of the American public as the continuation of ?America’s foreclosure-crimes industry? which officially began over 200 years ago with the event of ?Captain Shay’s rebellion?, as explained by the famed late history professor Howard Zinn in his famous book below and many presentations available on YOUTUBE.

    A People’s History Of The United States

    A few quotes, from its below linked chapter-5, proves it is the same criminal enterprise established in Massachusetts 100 years before California even became a state, therefore all the machinations of California public plunder, by foreclosure, by America?s 0.01% Royal Class was well placed even one century before California?s statehood, and decades before California had even been discovered:

    ?By 1787 there was not only a positive need for strong central government to protect the large economic interests, but also immediate fear of rebellion by discontented farmers. The chief event causing this fear was an uprising in the summer of 1786 in western Massachusetts, known as Shays’ Rebellion.?
    ?In the western towns of Massachusetts there was resentment against the legislature in Boston. The new Constitution of 1780 had raised the property qualifications for voting. No one could hold state office without being quite wealthy. Furthermore, the legislature was refusing to issue paper money, as had been done in some other states, like Rhode Island, to make it easier for debt-ridden farmers to pay off their creditors.?

    Thank you.
    ?Kareem Salessi?
    ?Kareem Salessi, 9/16/15?

  2. Correction to my above comment text:

    All my above comment’s quotation marks (“…”) and apostrophes (‘) have automatically changed into question marks (?) upon posting!

    “Kareem Salessi”


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