Estero retiree suing bank after surprise foreclosure [VIDEO]


Estero retiree suing bank after surprise foreclosure [VIDEO]

Estero retiree suing bank after surprise foreclosure [VIDEO]

Lost count of how many of these there have been.

NBC 2-

A retired policeman got the surprise of his life when he returned from vacation and found his Estero home locked up and a foreclosure sign out front.

But he says he wasn’t behind on his mortgage payments. Now he’s suing the bank and the company who he says broke into his home to chain up his doors.

It all happened last November when 66-year-old Mike Tomasovick, a retired Chicago police officer, received a call from one of his neighbors while he was out of town.

“Asked me what was going on with the house because there’s a sign in your window saying the house is vacant and unsecure,” he said.


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One Response to “Estero retiree suing bank after surprise foreclosure [VIDEO]”

  1. levi says:

    What goes around comes around. The very same thugs that routinely war against society throwing innocent people out of their homes now has his own tactics used on him. Who in their right mind would care if a sorry cop got kicked out on the street from a lawyer using perjury in the court filings? The Supreme Court has said in several decisions that perjury by cops to get a conviction is protected testimony. I hope he joins the many homeless that he forced from their homes and gets the street torture cops routinely use members of society, may he suffer from now on for his unjust enrichment by participation in a evil scheme to destroy society.


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