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The Osceola County, Florida Clerk has delivered 17 cases of certified evidence taken from the real property and court records as part of his commissioned Forensic Examination.  What follows is the official press release from DK Consultants LLC, which will be released to the national media shortly:


(San Antonio, Texas) — DK Consultants LLC has officially released the evidence package from the 2014 Osceola County, Florida Forensic Examination to the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Armando Ramirez, who has tendered the evidence to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department’s Economic Crimes Unit, who is allegedly investigating criminal wrongdoing in the filing of alleged fraudulent documents in the Osceola County real property and court records.

The forensic examination, which resulted in the release of a 738-page, two-volume report (not including table of contents and exhibits) was released to the Clerk on December 30, 2014 after a 5-1/2-month-long forensic review of over 400 foreclosure case files and their related documents and assignments, all of which were sampled from  public record between June 1, 2012 and June 1, 2014.  While not exhaustive, the examination did encompass a relevantly significant statistical number of filings.

It is highly likely that those in the Osceola County rank and file electorate who were aware of the Clerk’s actions in commissioning this forensic examination may have misunderstood his intent. As a result of this examination, the Clerk himself as well as this firm, have been the subject of the investigation instead of the information discussed in the report, particularly in the area of what constitutes “public record” under the Florida Open Records Act, in an apparent attempt to undermine the purposes of the report and bring public scorn on those who endeavored to produce it. This Clerk is the only Clerk in the United States of America to ever conduct such an examination and he should be lauded and not chastised by the rank and file for doing so.

In the forensic examination report, the information contained was also worded in such a way as to protect any personal identifying information from the public view.  Following the release of the report, it was discovered that certain partners and associates of the law firm representing the interests of Osceola County, as well as judges and hierarchy in the State Attorney’s office for the Ninth Judicial Circuit, had suspect documents filed in connection with their chains of title, again, based strictly on a cursory first glance at the public records in both Osceola and Orange Counties in Florida.

We do not take for granted that this forensic examination has obviously hit a nerve with many of those who represent the status quo in Osceola County, Florida.  We believe that many of these officials appear content to see the continued trashing of the real property records in this and every other county in the State of Florida.

To that end, it became obvious to this firm that despite the AG Settlement in February of 2012, it is apparent that robosigning and document manufacturing is still ongoing and being used to “create standing” on behalf of foreclosing Plaintiffs, along with the apparent computer manipulation of note allonges and indorsement stamps, most of which were presented to Osceola County courts with the intent to mislead the court into granting them summary judgment of foreclosure.

These types of behaviors will continue unless those responsible are held criminally accountable.  Under Florida Criminal Code § 817.535, it is a felony in Florida to record documents which knowingly contain false and misleading information with the intent to deprive a homeowner of their property.  Filing verified complaints with the court knowing they contain manufactured, false and misrepresentative information constitutes perjury on the part of those collaborating in the submission of false documents and information contained in those complaints.

The information contained in the report names financial institutions, servicing entities, known document manufacturing plants and individual notaries public who appear complicit in these types of behaviors. The suspect list of alleged perpetrators runs into the hundreds of individuals and their representative firms who may have committed acts that constitute probable cause for violation of Florida criminal statutes.

DK Consultants LLC and its independent contractors cannot and will not cooperate with any law firm or agency representing law enforcement that holds the Clerk or this report in contempt, with the intent to discredit the hard work and dedication that went into the production of this report.  We were asked by the Clerk to perform a service, which in fact was performed for an eminently reasonable fee. The documents speak for themselves.  Tens of thousands of Floridians are affected by the results shown in the report, even if they themselves were not the subject of discussion in it.

The political climate is this State appears to indicate that if you take campaign contributions from the financial sector, then you owe someone.  This is why nothing typically gets done when scenarios presented in this forensic examination become public knowledge.  This allows the suspects frauds to continue, which has affected a large number of the voting constituency of Osceola County in Florida, along with the other 66 counties in this State.

It is sad that we should have to remind those who represent the County and its voting public as well as its body politic that they have a singular duty to protect and serve, not to harass and intimidate and serve the interests of those who caused the financial crash of 2008 and continue to manipulate the interests that serve Osceola County and other jurisdictions. The public should not tolerate this behavior and should demand that the contents of this report be investigated to bring justice to those homeowners especially aggrieved by the processes effectuated by the suspect individuals and institutions uncovered in the forensic examination.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Krieger

Managing Member

DK Consultants LLC

(512) 718-9604

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  1. levi says:

    The problem is twofold, first the public is ignorant and basically loves their enslavement to their own destruction; second those who are elected to represent this corrupt society have also then as corrupt persons then turned and used positions of public influence to further corrupt the society, the known result is the feedback loop continues to everyone’s eventual destruction. We’ve now been in the communist 5th plank central banking, worthless fiat currency, credit, debt cycle for 100 years its almost over and we are now on the verge of collapse. Destruction of every existing society is the declared purpose of communism and this activity is the same everywhere it is implemented, this is done with foreknowledge and scientific precision. When the finances go, the economy goes and a darkness will descend that will not lift, the implosion will only stop because of extinction and the land lies empty of its inhabitants. When the banks fail people will eat one another literally because there is no economic activity. The monetary system is considered the “essential engine of the economy” and when it goes everything stops.


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