Rulings could breathe new life into dead foreclosure cases


Rulings could breathe new life into dead foreclosure cases

Rulings could breathe new life into dead foreclosure cases

Herald Tribune-

It took seven years for Florida’s court systems to erase a backlog of nearly half a million home defaults left over from the Great Recession.

But just as that logjam is clearing, a pair of recent appellate court rulings could bring thousands of seemingly dead foreclosure cases back to life, all at a time when court systems are losing state funding to process them.

If upheld, the decisions could resurrect dismissed foreclosures dating back nearly a decade, potentially swamping court systems with yet another pool of default filings.


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3 Responses to “Rulings could breathe new life into dead foreclosure cases”

  1. Bruce R Nelson says:

    My home was stolen by Wilbur Ross/AHMSI/HBSC/Option One…supported by Oregon lady Justice who refused me to appear pro se. Totally ruined me life at now 75, USAF Vet with disabilities. Ocwen also a participane. They shattered my bones with unrelenting refusal to show proof of standing as req by TILA. My Districk Ct Judge in Polk County , OR found in my favor for lack of proof of standing. The Feeral Ct in Portland gave them my home anyway costing me a fortune I paid in upgrades. Any hope for me? Thank you for reporting as you do. Bruce R Nelson

  2. izraul says:

    Bruce, go after each and everyone of them relentlessly. Find a lawyer who will possibly take it pro bono and go after those sons of a bitches under 42 USC 1983 in their individual capicity. Get the judges order voided then destroy her.. her life and her home… take it all!

  3. izraul says:

    More people need to start focusing on holding these state actors accountable.. only then will justice sit up straight and pay attention!


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