NMR is the site and database dedicated to the homeowners – statistics and reports about how they are being helped and what's out there for them


NMR is the site and database dedicated to the homeowners – statistics and reports about how they are being helped and what’s out there for them

NMR is the site and database dedicated to the homeowners – statistics and reports about how they are being helped and what’s out there for them

National Mortgage Registry
February 7, 2015. 

Interview with one of NMR’s founders and director (as well one of the state directors for the Homeowners’ Superpac Committee).


A type of ‘census’ – inventory if you will – for struggling homeowners all over America.  In this country today despite the incredible advancement of technology, 90% of the powers that be have no idea who or what homeowners have been affected by the events over the past 7-8 years.

There have been billions of dollars in settlements – yet not one single homeowner who was victimized has seen a penny – billions of dollars and where did it all go? 

For one thing, no homeowner that we have reached out to has been contacted by anyone at any time regarding their matters unless of course, it was a law firm representing banks or non-bank financial entities – with foreclosure complaints or eviction notices . . . .

No one – from the President, to Congress, Attorney Generals, except maybe New York, has a clue who these people (homeowners) are in each state – yet they have gratefully accepted billion dollar settlements, shut up funds, etc., that have done absolutely NOTHING FOR THE INDIVIDUAL HOMEOWNERS.  And homeowners are FED UP . . .  This will affect greatly the coming elections and overall sentiment in this country – American homeowners are on their last fibers – especially after the State of the Union with absolutely nothing – again – for the 4th or 5th time – regarding millions of struggling homeowners in this country – not a peep!  Doesn’t the Hill know these people are in dire straits. . .!

One of the problems we determined was that there was no census – no inventory – no ‘one stop’ – outside one’s family and neighbors no one really knows about these homeowners – there is no ‘voice’ for them – no one or entity is counting them into the equations of settlement and resolve – especially areas of not getting legal representation and help with protecting their home.

NMR is being established to create one stop source for every single homeowner who wants to be counted and accounted for – along with info on their foes and enemies (banks, servicers, faux lenders, foreclosure mill firms, property inspectors, etc.) are all data also being counted and inventoried. 

There are too many cases, situations, etc., where homeowners are reading and can’t understand why the parties they are dealing with are completely ignoring them.

With a one-stop registration (National Mortgage Registry) – inventory if you will – each homeowner will be counted and represented in this mess.  NMR will also have a tally of how many homes are actually being foreclosed on in a particular state – WHO the lenders suing are – the law firms – everything – so this data can be brought to the Attorney General and governor of each state’s attention – and asking them what they are doing about it and where or how were funds accepted by them being spent to deal with this mess?

Accountability by all involved will be monitored and reported on NMR’s site.

NMR is now forming the logistics of the site but in the meantime, we do not want to waste any more time and our team of forensic paralegals (some who work in criminal cases and fraud backgrounds) are getting ready to get into action in creating a forum so each homeowner has a ‘place to go where someone knows their name . . .’ and who the enemies are.  The data won’t be published but the state, town, entities involved will.  Homeowners will remain privately inventoried with NMR – but homeowners will be able to go to the website and find out what’s happening in their neighborhood – who knows – the guy down the street might be fighting the same entities – they need to get together and look out for each other especially in rural areas.

The inventory gathered by NMR will assist in determining who is doing what to whom . . . illegal property inspections, trash outs, servicers, banks, pretender lenders, the list is endless and needs to be made and the world put on notice of who is doing what to whom.

NMR will then have the ability to match homeowners with prospective representatives, politicians, attorney generals, law firms to help them (hopefully- if they want), and an overall inventory so when news of settlements, etc., hit the internet the homeowner (if the parties match) – will be contacted and advised that there is something going on that may involve and help them and their home – whether it be the lender, the bank, the state, whatever is going on NMR will find out and be a voice for each homeowner – collectively based on their state, lender, foreclosure mill firm, etc.

No longer are homeowners going to be in the dark and left behind.  If the politicians and powers that be aren’t paying attention – NRM and its members will be.
NMR is not giving legal advice – it won’t assist in modifications or anything else – NMR is like a library – cataloging each home for each state and the names of parties that are involved with the homeowner – but not disclosed.

We will do this by first the homeowner sending us an email with the acronym “NMR” in the subject line – with the abbreviation of their state the home is in. 

That is the first step. 

The second will be NMR will contact the homeowner back by email to arrange for gathering documents and data pertaining to their home which the homeowner will be sending back by email (“edoc” .pdf format) or if they don’t have capabilities to send by email NMR will arrange to receive paperwork, scan, download as .pdf files – then return courtesy copies to the homeowner of their documents so they will have when and if needed.

NMR found that this was also a constant problem in homeowners either not having pertinent data or it not being in a form ready to be attached to emails – this is understandable as not everyone has computer savvy or work in professions requiring them to work with .pdf documents, edocs, etc.
Those wanting to reach out and help homeowners who do not have their documents ready – will be able to reach out to NMR and it will forward their docs to parties upon request if needed.

Many times opportunities are lost with potential legal representation because homeowners don’t  have their docs ready to be sent and the issues and momentum get lost.

NMR will also be acting as a ‘data bank’ preserving the documents for each homeowner.  This will be explained on the website when it is up and running.

There is no sales pitch – nothing is being solicited  – this is not a telemarketing gimmick – NMR is not interested in modifications – it is simply action being taken by a consortium of professionals, homeowners and paralegals who have themselves been involved in this mess and determined the worst part is no one knowing the homeowner and his or her home exist or the fight they are involved with – it is as though each homeowner and home are falsely imprisoned with no one knowing they are – in fact – prisoners of war in their own homes – in most cases homeowners in trouble don’t even tell their neighbors or family.

NMR cannot go door to door – but it can discreetly and privately take information and from now on the homeowner in distress will not be alone or forgotten! 

The homeowner will be able to go to the website, to their state, and see what’s going on in their area, as well as what is going on with the parties ruining their lives!

Additionally, NMR will know and do everything in its power to make it known to those that need to know – who these homeowners are and who it is their battling with – most homeowners – local police departments aren’t even aware of their dilemma.

Imagine, if there was one place that had data of how many cases a foreclosure mill law firm (in each state) was attempting to or has foreclosed . . . perhaps if they (powers that are supposed to be doing something) start to see the real damages and counts – things will change.

Each homeowner will be charged $15.00 for the first time to be listed in the registry – why $15.00?  Because fellow homeowners that are also professional paralegals (many retired also law enforcement) will be taking at least an hour per homeowner to gather the data and set up the information – scan and upload their docs into NMR’s private storage – each homeowner has unique data that needs to be checked out from reading the docs and determining their unique information to assemble in general data i.e., if it’s a Bank of America note and mortgage – that will be another count added to the numbers of homes under “Bank of America” in that particular state and region – a lot of work goes into the initial setup. 

It will be however the best $15.00 spent during this entire mortgage mess! 

The data however in most cases will be ‘gleaned’ (gathered) from the homeowner’s documents themselves – from their notes, mortgage, deed of trusts, etc., everything will be needed to properly inventory each home affected.

Even if a homeowner is not in litigation, foreclosure, etc., it is still important to be registered in case there are problems later on – a lot of homeowners just want to know who or what it is they are dealing with and want to understand what has been happening during this crisis.

NMR is aligning with organizations and professionals that are beginning to take notice and major steps politically and socially to get this matter finally under control – get the help needed to homeowners and NMR will be assisting by posting on its main page (NMR.com) what is taking place – who the ‘movers and shakers’ of the issues etc. are – homeowners will be encouraged to look at the website as much as possible to follow the news, events, happenings, cases, which copies of cases will be donated FOR FREE by law firms, etc., or NMR will get them and make them available – (much like stopforeclosurefraud.com has graciously provided cases for years now) – especially in their own state to be available to homeowners. 

NMR belongs to homeowners in every state – and is not going to just focus on Florida, California, New York, the usual places that seem to get all the attention and news . . . but every state and every homeowner counts! 

NMR will also find out in each state what media entities are paying attention to the matters and are doing something about it including its politicians.

NMR will endeavor to get this inventory data to as many as possible in each state, including CFBP and anywhere it may be of help to the homeowners – with the hopes someone will reach out to them that can truly do something to help the homeowners besides prey on them. 

NMR will be encouraging law firms to start to see the patterns and data and begin to hopefully reach out and represent homeowners – in these cases NMR does not believe any money should be paid to law firms – so don’t expect NMR to promote any entities – legal representation – at his juncture – should be contingent considering how much work has actually been done by the homeowners themselves and how much they have already lost . . .they don’t need to make law firms rich that don’t deserve it.

The law firms in every state are way behind and need to catch up to what the homeowners have already learned and taught each other in this mortgage mess, including the attorneys bragging they represent homeowners and know less than the homeowners know!  There are a handful of law firms and attorneys that have done incredible work – we all know who they are and are so grateful to them!

It is time all law firms that can and those in power begin to take notice and actually do something for these struggling homeowners and NMR will begin to take notice and report! 

Including a wall of shame of those entities, politicians, attorney generals, anyone or entity that has harmed rather than helped homeowners will be spotlighted .  .  . including the law firms themselves!

NMR does not believe the homeowner should pay a single dollar to any entity for anything in representing them; they’ve already paid dearly. . . if NMR’s support team had the funds they wouldn’t even charge the $15.00 for first time registration – this type of registration should have been created and supported by all the billions of dollars that have gone to each state’s political special needs chests – but didn’t – so members supporting NMR are on their own for now at least.

NOTE:  The website is under ‘construction’ and the overall design will be helped by each homeowner – based on their responses and needs.  There are at least 52 if not more states to design – NMR will not be limited to states but the locations the homeowners report. 

There are many “not-quite-states,” such as Puerto Rico, and thirteen others as well as the large protectorates we’ve had at one time or another, including Cuba and the Philippines; and smaller ones, such as American Samoa, Wake Island, and the Virgin Islands and don’t forget the Northern Mariana Islands.

NMR will not consider a homeowner just because they are not in one of the traditional ‘50’ states – anyone that wants to register their home’s data has a right and is encouraged to do so!

So please don’t look for the website and say ‘oh it doesn’t exist . . .’ it does – just not through a browser window yet – it is being constructed with all in mind adn the bulk of work is being done now with homeowners sending in their email requests!!

NMR staff thanks all especially stopforeclosurefraud.com and are looking forward to getting some help to our American homeowners –

It is a shame we can ship tons of money, food, clothing and help in 24 hours to countries all over the world – but ignore the needs of our own . . . and for more than 7 years now – shame on this country’s leaders for not doing enough – or anything at all – perhaps when all are learned about – from one another – each homeowner will be strengthened in numbers – and if homeowners wish to be connected to each other – NMR will do that too . . . or keep them totally private with no names or data just a census of the basis public data which can be done without the homeowners name or address accessible outside the site and their data is privately contained and stored even though it is public records information.  Homeowners have been humiliated and embarrassed enough. .  .!

If a homeowner is interested, please send an email to (temporary email address) till website is up and running and has its own email address to:    national.mortgage.registry@gmail.com

Please remember to put in the subject line “NMR – “STATE’s Initials” (sample “NMR-GA”) in the subject line.

This is how NMR is organizing with the thousands of responses right now!!

NMR will have its own mail for privacy and confidentiality.  Thanks to all homeowners and please don’t forget to send the email to:   national.mortgage.registry@gmail.com

NMR will send a note back with details on when the site is up – but the homeowner’s data will still be taken and compiled ASAP regardless if the website NationalMortgageRegistry.com or NationalMortgageRegistry.US is up and running yet.
The website will be a place for homeowners to go – the data gathering and inventory is what is important – which data will not be available on the website – only information for homeowners to follow to have their data preserved.  What will be on the website will be totals gathered, where to meet and interact with other homeowners in their area, etc. 
The website will let everyone know what entities and law firms are doing generally and in their own areas and states generally – including news of meetings, movers and shakers etc. – something that is missing despite all the blogs and websites there is not one place that is for everyone – National Mortgage Registry will be focus on all states and sets of rules – that’s a promise – !!  One way to unite us all!

Looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you!
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