Colorado foreclosure probe nets 3 more lawfirms, 2 settle for $1.1M


Colorado foreclosure probe nets 3 more lawfirms, 2 settle for $1.1M

Colorado foreclosure probe nets 3 more lawfirms, 2 settle for $1.1M

AmeriKa has a serious problem with their investigations and these settlements are not going to stop them.

Denver Post-

Three prominent Denver law firms have agreed to pay more than $1.7 million to settle state allegations that they intentionally inflated foreclosure costs on hundreds of properties statewide.

The settlements are the result of lawsuits filed by outgoing Attorney General John Suthers, the aftermath of a two-year investigation into alleged foreclosure fraud by law firms in Colorado that began following a number of Denver Post stories about the industry.

The investigation has already taken on the state’s biggest foreclosure outfits — The Castle Law Group, which continues to fight the case, and Aronowitz & Mecklenburg, which paid $10 million to settle and agreed to close.

In the latest cases quietly filed last week, attorney Michael Medved and Tracie Castanon, the business manager at The Law Firm of Michael Medved, agreed to pay $1 million — without admitting wrongdoing — to settle allegations that they followed the lead of the state’s biggest foreclosure law firms and overcharged some of their costs to handle foreclosure cases, according to copies of the settlement filed in Denver District Court.

Another $350,000 was set aside to ensure compliance.


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One Response to “Colorado foreclosure probe nets 3 more lawfirms, 2 settle for $1.1M”

  1. crittermom says:

    While the settlements sound like a lot, I believe the return to each homeowner involved in the class action against Aronowitz & Mecklenburg, who also charged $100 more PER POSTING, was a whopping $20.
    This is but the tip of the iceberg for attorney Lawrence Castle of Castle Law Group. Put his name in the search engine on & read the articles by award-winning journalist David Migoya, regarding how this one attorney got an honor system among lawyers approved in Colorado for the paperwork required to foreclose, making this state unique among the nation. (He sneaked this bill in while an appointed trustee).
    Also read how he has been blackmailing every county in the state, by forcing them to use the software system for filing the paperwork in these cases, that he has a monetary interest in.
    Perhaps it’s the fact that he recently got another bill(?) passed allowing for yet another posting regarding foreclosures “to help the homeowner” (No, to help his profits), that finally got the AG’s Ofc to take a closer look at this crook?
    He should be in prison for his crimes against the people of Colorado, yet he has the audacity to fight the AG’s Ofc regarding this? HA!


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