Home Foreclosure Procedures Act (HFPA)


Home Foreclosure Procedures Act (HFPA)

Home Foreclosure Procedures Act (HFPA)

via a reader of this site:

Please see the link below to understand more information provided regarding the Home Foreclosure Procedures Act. Please take a look at the right column “Drafts” and click on links to the “Comments” under that column. These are all comments from outside people regarding their reservations about this legislation. Most of these comments are from financial services industry.

The homeowners need to begin asking their foreclosure defense attorneys to send in letters with legal issues in opposition to this proposed legislation to:

William Breetz, Chairman
Uniform Law Commission Drafting Committee on Home Foreclosure Procedures Act
Connecticut Urban Legal Initiative, Inc.
University of Connecticut School of Law
35 Elizabeth St.
Hartford, CT 06105



Protest At the Uniform Law Conference [LINK]

July 11th @ Noon We are protesting a national organization of non-elected attorneys drafting state law proposals, specifically “Home Foreclosure Procedures Act.” The Committee of non-elected attorneys selected to write this anti-consumer legislation is riddled with 75% bank and bank services attorneys from across the country.

We are meeting at NOON on July 11, 2014 at Westlake. We will rally and then march to The Westin Hotel (1900 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101) where the national conference is meeting. We intend on surrounding The Westin with crime scene tape.

Please attend and let the government know that allowing non-elected BANK attorneys free reign to write our laws, is NOT okay.

Westlake Plaza, Seattle
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4 Responses to “Home Foreclosure Procedures Act (HFPA)”

  1. Papergate says:

    Very interesting reading . . . check it out folks

  2. GuyFawkes says:

    Just saw this UPDATE! I wish I lived in Seattle so that I could attend! I hope Seattle really socks it to these bastards!!!!

    Perhaps we all can rally and send in these needed letters in droves? Let’s get moving, People!

    I will send a vat of heated TAR to the Seattle Westin and make sure that the Chairman receives the delivery!

  3. cocowireless says:

    What is this BS?? This is all to help the banks make foreclosures easier and quicker. Allows dual tracking, doesn’t require mortgages assignments to be recorded? Are we taking a step backwards here? How does the homeowner benefit from this? Don’t all states have different laws governing foreclosures? As Gary Dubin Esq. says, this is MERS 2! JUST SAY NO!

  4. GuyFawkes says:

    HOLY COW! The Huffington Post just picked up this story! Read about it…..oh hey, why are links not able to be posted here?

    Google “Joel Sucher” “Uniform Law Commission”


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