Distressed Homeowners Need Lots of Help


Distressed Homeowners Need Lots of Help

Distressed Homeowners Need Lots of Help

“The government’s response to the foreclosure crisis is the equivalent of trying to put out a forest fire with an eye dropper.” — Senator Elizabeth Warren



While the foreclosure crisis continues to ravage communities around the country there’s a pressing need for homeowner education and empowerment. Maegan Nikolic, a single mom in Whittier California, can attest to that. Since 2010 she’s been run through the foreclosure wringer. She’s woken up to find notices of default tacked on to her door, hired a succession of lawyers to try and find some way to resolve the mess but at every turn ran into a brick wall. After the tears, the stress, the overwhelming anxiety Maegan with her small boy in tow and threatened with a forcible eviction left her house of 17 years.

Maegan’s story has been distilled down to a statistic; one that shows up on industry data bases like CoreLogic and Realty Trac but like all statistics they don’t reveal the faces behind the numbers. While trillions were lost in housing values the human cost, measured in lost dreams, dislocation, divorce, depression, suicide, addiction, is incalculable. Since the housing bubble burst in 2007 there are upwards of five million stories similar to Maegan’s, and if you’re watching too much Fox Business News and CNBC you might think that this just an old bad dream and we’re now back on the royal road to economic prosperity.

Well think again…


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3 Responses to “Distressed Homeowners Need Lots of Help”

  1. Papergate says:

    Good article Joel (Sucher) – now we just need 5 million more in places like Huffpo, NYT, LAT, etc.!

  2. Renoira says:

    To know Maegan’s story is to truly have a grasp of the concept of the law working for corporations and not people. Maegan had her home stolen from her as surely as if a thief came in at gunpoint and took it. Yet because of the propaganda of the “deadbeat homebuyer” and a slew of unethical lawyers, Maegan and her family lost their home….and their equity. Her family owed less than $30,000 on a home that was stolen from them.

    Her story, like so many others, is an illustration of the hubris of thinking that blames homeowners for “getting in over their heads” and does not examine the facts behind the stories.


    The described serial criminal attacks against the above defenseless victims is a signature terrorist attack on the American public. These terrorist attacks happen routinely because the “American Legal System” is the corrupted system which created this criminal organized crime terrorist network in the first place, and it is also the one which continues to support it as against the American family, as I had documented it years in advance in my 2004 Orange County Case #04CC11080, long before anyone had the faintest clue of what was happening!.

    One solid example is the fact that the “American Legal System” helped “Wachovia Drug Cartel” to launder undisclosed amounts of drugs, and drug money (probably over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS), into the U.S., and once discovered by the public it was the “American Legal System” which engineered the means for Wachovia to launder its mountains of drug money (and probably hundreds of tons of actual drugs) into Wells Fargo and get out of public view by changing its name to Wells Fargo, which became the successor drug cartel, under the disguise of a legitimate bank with charter #1, as if it was the first ever bank in this country!. I think this Charter #1 was deliberately done to laugh in the public’s face to show that these criminals do anything they want through the corrupted “American Legal System”.!

    I have documented this partially on my website, and in the below combination of their Florida criminal case which was an ACTUAL whitewash of their declared $1/2 trillion (+undeclared amounts) of drug money which they laundered into Wells Fargo by simple name changes, and long before this Florida federal court whitewash!.

    Therefore, it is necessary to serve “ACTUAL NOTICEs” to eviction Sheriffs, or Marshalls, to put them on NOTICE, and thus make them actually liable, for knowingly acting as terrorist mercenaries when they serve NOTICEs, or conduct armed raids, on defenseless people like this woman and her child, and on behalf of unknown criminals like the principals of the drug cartels pulling the strings of Wells Fargo, and Wachovia drug cartels.!

    Link to Wachovia Drug money laundering into Wells Fargo (partial case file):



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