Banks Are Too Big to Fail or Jail: Barofsky


Banks Are Too Big to Fail or Jail: Barofsky

Banks Are Too Big to Fail or Jail: Barofsky

May 8 (Bloomberg) — Neil Barofsky, partner at Jenner & Block, examines the potential risk to the financial industry of bringing criminal charges against banks and whether or not U.S. banks could be next in line for charges on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”






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3 Responses to “Banks Are Too Big to Fail or Jail: Barofsky”

  1. JoAnn says:


  2. GuyFawkes says:

    Worried that criminal charges will cause a crash? So…..just grab the criminal CEO and let the homeowners lop off his head in the village square with our guillotine. That will not cause a crash and that will deter the crimes.

    Hey, if the southern states want to bring back the hanger for women instead of abortions, we are back to the dark ages, so bring back the guillotine as well.

  3. Jackson Bane says:

    Is Barofsky defending or representing a pay day loan type operation in Vegas that is small enough to avoid failure? He didn’t sound too convincing in his explanation. Conservatives really don’t like Geithner either, but it has nothing to do with victims who have lost their homes or their jobs and have been blamed for it. Tabloid data collection / news aggregate sites like Susan Webber’s have pushed a large amount of deceitful propaganda that never adds any clarity or depth to any topic covered, but prefers sensationalist and bizzare rationalizations for the investing status quo, while pretending to be concerned about “law breakers” or “bad banks.” Geithner isn’t part of their gang, that’s all, he’s much more successful at Capitalism. His foam was getting in the way of their payouts.


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