Think you will own your house someday? Think again. How to check your chain of title


Think you will own your house someday? Think again. How to check your chain of title

Think you will own your house someday? Think again. How to check your chain of title

Marinka Peschmann-

You better find out now!

Imagine pulling up to your driveway with your kids laughing in the backseat, having come home from a baseball game, to see a foreclosure notice tacked on your front door. Maybe all of your belongings have been tossed out onto the street. You are in shock. It doesn’t make sense. There must be a mistake. Why is the bank taking your house? Your home was your security, your retirement. It was the American dream. You had played by the rules. It’s where your children have been growing up. Their smiling faces hang in the beautifully framed photographs on your hallway walls and are carefully placed on your fireplace mantle. Now, incredibly, suddenly, without warning, your entire world has been ripped apart, shattered.

Despite having never missed a mortgage payment and even paying early, the bank is coming to take away your home. They are coming to throw you out onto the street. Panic, disbelief—a tidal wave of emotions nearly knock you over as your heart beats faster and faster. The walls start closing in around you. You cannot breathe. The clock is ticking. Why is the bank coming to take away your house? You did everything you were told to do. Where will your children sleep in a few weeks from now?

Think this can’t be you? Oh no, think again. This nightmare has been occurring across the country for years. As the Wall Street Journal’s Alan Zibel reported, bank files show that more foreclosure errors are happening than regulators have reported to the public.

[Marinka Peschmann]

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4 Responses to “Think you will own your house someday? Think again. How to check your chain of title”

  1. Dave Krieger says:

    Marinka … nice try … but you’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg exposing MERS in the chain of title. This is why I’ve developed the Chain of Title Assessment (COTA). Download the official checklist for free at (go to the SERVICES tab). You will then understand why I’ve been going around the country for the last 2-1/2 years training professionals and attorneys on chain of title and how to analyze it. MERS only touches the surface of the real issues. The next class in Las Vegas (Aug. 22-24, 2014) features two top attorneys, one of which has won multiple quiet title actions in 2013 and the other who has authored two books … one on MERS and the other on foreclosure defense. Visit for more information. Visit for updates. Support this site. We need Damian to succeed here. Buy advertising. I do!

  2. Michael says:


    I am considered a leading expert on the law in this area, but must remain anonymous.

    The article is not exactly correct.

    If the original lender shown on the mortgage or trust deed goes bankrupt this can actually work in favor of the homeowner. Here is why.

    A Quiet Title action can be filed. The original “lender” named on the mortgage is probably the ONLY defendant named. Since the company is out of business, the state Department of Corporations or other government agency can be served with the lawsuit. They of course do nothing with it. No one responds to the complaint so the lender “defaults”. The homeowner wins by default and the homeowner has title free and clear of any lien by the “lender”.

    I have written articles for this website before and may do so on this subject.
    Some of you will know who I am so feel free to contact for more info.


  3. American4thepeople says:

    The above so called expert in this field of law is not an attorney and should not be giving legal advice. This theory is incorrect and considered deceptive. An attorney who would tr quieting title with only one lender is commuting fraud and would be disbarred. Although the banks have commited millions of frauds on the people this fraud may land you in jail.

  4. James Smith says:

    Trying to reach Michael, need to pick his brain on some issues. Currently in Foreclosure in Maryland and trying to figure out some options of which I think Quiet Title might be one., or 443 677 2799.


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