Another Former Justice Dept. Official to Join Covington


Another Former Justice Dept. Official to Join Covington

Another Former Justice Dept. Official to Join Covington

Come one, come all because we’re having a ball…


Two blocks separate Covington & Burling’s offices in Washington from the Justice Department’s headquarters. Covington’s roster of lawyers shows a closer link.

Covington, the firm where Eric H. Holder Jr. practiced law before becoming attorney general, will announce on Tuesday that Mythili Raman is the latest former senior Justice Department official to join its ranks. Ms. Raman, who will be a partner in Covington’s white-collar crime and litigation practices, led the Justice Department’s criminal division until last month.

After departing the criminal division, where she oversaw investigations into some of the world’s biggest banks, Ms. Raman followed a well-trod path to Covington. She is the fourth recent criminal division prosecutor to join Covington and the fifth senior official under Mr. Holder to do so. Lanny Breuer, her predecessor as chief of the criminal division, is now Covington’s vice chairman.


image: Richard Drew/Associated Press

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  1. levi says:

    When will the public get it? We do not have a government, it has been overthrown by the world communists who use central banking to bribe their way to total control. They will not stop till one of two things happen, they are killed off or the nation turns away from the activity they offer and these shysters starve because they are too lazy and dishonest to work for a honest wage. If we quit central banking and the income tax 99% of our problems would fade away. Honest money is private property, which we no longer practice. So we are totally exposed and vulnerable to manipulation and being defrauded of honest dealings between man and man, women obviously are included. Central banks exist on 70 and 100 year cycles so this year is the time of expected severe turmoil and the agents of chaos will keep this racket going till forced out. How much suffering does it take for a people to acknowledge they are guilty of being involved with destructive practices before there is a correction?


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