Dolan Co. Files Bankruptcy to Cut Foreclosure Unit Debt


Dolan Co. Files Bankruptcy to Cut Foreclosure Unit Debt

Dolan Co. Files Bankruptcy to Cut Foreclosure Unit Debt

Another foreclosure mill connection…


Dolan Co. (DOLN), a provider of legal-support services and publishing, filed for bankruptcy after agreeing to be taken over by lenders to cut debt linked to its former mortgage foreclosure-processing business.

The Minneapolis-based company listed debt of $185.9 million and assets of $236.2 million as of Sept. 30 in a Chapter 11 petition filed today in Wilmington, Delaware.

“This reorganization step is necessary to unlock these current businesses from the weight of debt principally associated with its previous mortgage foreclosure processing businesses,” Kevin Nystrom, Dolan’s chief restructuring officer, said in a March 20 statement.


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2 Responses to “Dolan Co. Files Bankruptcy to Cut Foreclosure Unit Debt”

  1. Hmmm sure they are bailing out over what they claim, or perhaps they know the mortgages do not exist? The truth is coming out? Who are the so called lenders? The big banks lent nothing. Even the originators apparently lent nothing? So are they selling out to the investors? Or fake lenders wearing no cloth? Hmmm “The fantasy world of the financial system.”
    A command from the courts to the sheriff to seize the homeowners house back!!!!

    Self Represented Homeowners WIN Quiet Title
    to $800,000 Home
    Writ of Special Execution Quieting Title in Homeowners
    “That the subject property is hereby awarded to, and title quieted in favor of Plaintiffs. That Defendant SABR is permanently enjoined and prohibited from recording any documents affecting or purporting to affect title of the subject property; and, any acts or recordings now or in the future by Defendant SABR relating to the subject property shall be of no force or effect.”

  2. This case
    was ruled against Deutsche Bank National Trust and its securities pool gone wrong. Of course they squashed the depositions. That should not be allowed. When you are guilty of harming million of homeowners I don’t understand the right to request the evidence be squashed. The evidence should be on the main media news.


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