As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?


[VIDEO] As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?

[VIDEO] As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?

“LINDA TIRELLI: Absolutely. The manual that I have, it’s actually entitled the “Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney [Procedure] Manual, Version 1.” And it says on it that it’s last published 2/24/2012. Mind you, the national mortgage settlement agreement was announced a week prior, on 2/19/2012.

The way I obtained it, it was actually sitting right there on the Internet, of all things. A colleague of mine, through a Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp, which I am a member, an active member, gave it to me and said, “Hey, I found this online, and I know you’re doing a lot of Wells Fargo cases. Maybe you can use this.”

Reading it, my jaw just dropped. As I see it, it’s clearly outlining procedures, not just for the $12-an-hour robo-signers that we’ve heard about all these years, but for the lawyers, who need to be held accountable to a much higher degree. It’s the manual for the lawyers to actually fabricate documents, as I see it, and request that documents that are lacking be fabricated by Wells Fargo. It’s absolutely appalling.”


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8 Responses to “[VIDEO] As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?”

  1. Charles Reed says:

    They brought up one thing and that is Wells Fargo and a Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu)endorsement or other document 2yrs after the bank had “failed” this is the key to the fatal flaw in Ginnie Mae securities.

    There are 1.3 million WaMu FHA & VA loan that Wells Fargo is servicing and none of them could have been foreclosed because they all have blank endorsed Notes, where there is no debt because they were separated form the Note and there no longer a valid lien on file at the county land recorder!

  2. Ricco Pitts says:

    At this stage it is hard not to just give up and accept the fact that in most cases the wall street banks got a free pass, a get out of jail free pass. The courts so feared the idea of a free house for the homeowner that they were willing to overlook the fabricating of documents so that ownership after the fact could be given to the banks. My view is the free house went to the bank and in doing so it destroy the idea of justice being blind to the parties before it. I will never believe that most of the homeowners were trying for a free house, but only hoping for better terms so that they could make their payment. Only hoping and in many cases begging for some help, not unlike the help our govt gave to many of the banks in order for them to stay in business. In the long run it will not serve any of us well when so many homeowners have lost faith in our court system. The day will come, when the chickens return home to roost.

  3. GuyFawkesLives says:

    What I still find hard to believe is that 7 million people have been displaced by these fraudulent documents…..and they are not full of rage and marching against this government. I cannot believe how many people just give up. WTF???

  4. dinsfla says:

    I believe it’s a combination of a few things and people know for a fact how this government is so full of corruption that they choose to save all that’s left…. a marriage, their children who are watching their lives change on a daily basis. I hear this all through the emails I receive. Depression hits everyone when they have ran out of options. The government has been part of this coup from the very beginning and with no end in sight, its only going to get worse I’m afraid.

  5. GuyFawkesLives says:

    Well, yes. I certainly do understand depression. However, before depression comes rage….or at least it does for me.

    What is disgusting to know: the quasi-government entities (Freddie and Fannie) are behind the “timeline incentives” to foreclose on the homeowners faster. Absolutely disgusting.

  6. Charles Reed says:

    I believe there not this outcry because the homeowners had no monies to fight the bank that had been recapitalized the bank with trillion of dollars, only had Obama as a hope of clearing up the matter.

    However people did not dare criticize the only hope in Obama, because what else was there? These attorneys and judges are only coming to understand the fact of these crimes. Obama played the you are a deadbeat wanting to live outside your means which was effective in keeping the complaint public.

    Just as blacks thought be keeping quiet that in the 2nd term Obama would come through, but they will learn just what a Lame Duck can do!

  7. GuyFawkesLives says:

    You have changed the format for commenting…..meaning all comments will now appear on the commenters FB page.

    I guess you can say good by to me in both arenas. No more comments on FB. No more comments on stopforeclosurefraud.

    Very sad. Very, very sad.

  8. dinsfla says:

    I updated the site and this popped in. The regular comment section is below the facebook comment thing. I did this to test to see if the site would get more comments this way to expose the fraud. I’ll test it another week if no good I’ll get it off. Please Come back!


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