Why an education in chain of title is important …


Why an education in chain of title is important …

Why an education in chain of title is important …

Clouded Titles-

Most of the readers of Clouded Titles want to know why I don’t hold webinars to educate people about real estate and chain of title. My simple answer here is that without two-way interaction, I can’t tell if you’re getting your money’s worth!

We conducted a survey in our last workshop and every attendee there stated unequivocally that being at the workshop:

(1) Gave the attendee a chance to meet and interact with like-minded people;

(2) Gave the attendee a chance to get many of their issues and concerns worked out with a clearer head being away from their home in a relaxed setting; and

(3) The amount of information disseminated at the workshop was worth thousands of dollars to them (all attendees get a COTA Preparers Workbook and a flash drive that holds four years of research files on it)!

I hold COTA Workshops across the country for the purposes of training not only potential preparers and researchers to pursue a career in COTA writing, but also to teach investors how NOT to make mistakes by researching title before they put their hard-earned money into something that may prove to be a disaster down the road. Imagine being able to save tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees merely based on what you know!


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5 Responses to “Why an education in chain of title is important …”

  1. Charles Reed says:

    Ginnie Mae pooled loan are the example to a very correct system that allowed 1 million foreclosures to take place by entities with “No Standing”!

  2. Sarah says:

    Charles, in some states, they corrected the paperwork to come back in and take the houses in FNMA’s (Fannies) name, so like you’ve said, there are cases where there was no standing. But once they’ve taken the house, the corrupt status quo will be sure to race back in and prevent people from raising certain pesky issues.

  3. Bruce R Nelson says:

    after 5 yrs of life altering nightmares with AHMSI et al who with NO standing, no proof of standing (legal)….a fed judge who denied my presence pro se and gave my home to Wilbur Ross. The bad guys plan to remove me now as early as 4/12/14. At 75, alone, disabled I amleft in the cold. Wish I could have afforded an attorney but thats not viable when one survives on $1300 per mo SSA. The system works very well…for Wibur Ross! thanks for letting me vent.

  4. Charles Reed says:

    Sarah what wrong with the picture when Fannie who has not originated the loan is purchasing the home at a foreclosure sale? As the loans are in Fannie Mae pools the Notes are suppose to be in the possession of Fannie, but the twist is obvious as what happen when its alleged that Fannie is purchasing a loan at a sale, because its already suppose to own the loans.

    This is why the banks are settling with Fannie and Freddie for selling them bad loans.

    Fannie and Freddie are cheating the system and they are in cahoots in taking possession of these properties!

  5. Edgetraderplus says:

    Saturday 8 March 2014

    Call it what it is, Krieger. You do not give out more information so you can maintain a corner on this market until enough people
    learn more on their own, without your paid assistance.

    You remind me of lawyers who told people not to go into foreclosure
    court by themsleves. Better to pay a lawyer to “expert” assistance.

    Thanks to many sites devoted to helping people by providing what
    information they could, along with others contributing their own
    experiences and posting winning cases, people are presenting better
    cases than many lawyers.

    You are skimming the cream off the top, while you can, which is what
    most do, but do not pontificate that you do not otherwise know if
    people “getting it,” after you charge them. We are not that stupid.
    Eventually, more people will share their experiences in order to
    help their fellow men/women facing the same issues.


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