Californians sold out by AG Kamala Harris


Californians sold out by AG Kamala Harris

Californians sold out by AG Kamala Harris

Californians were sold out by AG Kamala Harris:

It’s not just us human beings that think there’s a problem with this entire foreclosure mess, it’s half assed settlements, and how we were all sold out in the National Mortgage Settlement. . . watch this video of a 30 year bank veteran telling it like it is! 

Candace Jones, a retired Bank Fraud Analysis in Santa Barbara rails on California’s AG Kamala Harris for selling out California homeowners in the NMS.  Jones was an FDIC and Resolution Trust Corporation expert, so she knows what she’s talking about and says it like it is in this interview:

” . . .AG Kamala Harris, you sold out Californians . . .”

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10 Responses to “Californians sold out by AG Kamala Harris”

  1. American Wholesale Lenders is one of the originators that was a fictitious company, Counrywide and now BOA claim. Non enforcable loans.

  2. I have been floored all along with the attempts to modify with the devil under duress. They dont own the loans so how can any contract with a fraud be legal? You are admitting to a new debt you did not owe. How can this be? The King has no clothes but we are going to pretend he does?

  3. rene says:

    here is the presentation sent to KAMALA HARRIS March 2013, by CJ Holmes of Home Owners For Justice, with supporting documents. Since then more and more fraud and felonious acts have come to light. It is time for us all to take a stand and STAND WITH THE CALIFORNIA 18 AND STOP THIS CORRUPTION!!

  4. JoAnn says:

    Not just Kamala but all Attorney Generals in this nation sold out the homeowners. And the government from the local level, thru the county deed office and DA ‘s are complicit with the fraud, as well.
    Connect the dots, the local tax collector gave your tax bills to the county assessment office who then shared them with those debt collectors attorneys who made sure that no attempts to modify those criminal illegal fraudulent loans were successful. The Judge signed off, and sheriff executed the homeowner getting kicked to the street all under the watchful eye of the DA. Remember it’s the DA who calls the AG when something is criminal in the state but the banksters made sure they were protected.
    It’s just not CA, it’s PA too. I ‘ve heard that AG Eric in NY, and PAM the FL AG is useless as well. Time to replace the politicians !!

  5. Sarah says:

    JoAnn you missed Doug Gansler in MD.

  6. Todd W says:

    Sarah- re- Md. I’m knee deep in fraudclosure in multiple states, particularly Md. Going after crooked judges next. Contact me to share resources if you like. Gansler has been noticed several times and ignores the fraud and criminal acts since he is running for governor and needs the campaign donations of the banks and fraudclosure mill attorneys to fund his campaign.

    Todd Wetzelberger- 410 916 8863

  7. Charles Reed says:

    Why did the 50th States Atty Gen settlement not deal with Ginnie Mae Mortgage Back and the way these loan are placed into the securities with blank Notes and no purchases. Just so happens that the Federal Government lost my whistle-blower submission from Aug 2011. I had to resubmit it in Feb 2012.

    They did not modify Ginnie Mae pooled because as Ginnie Mae held the blank endorsed Notes (custodian of records holding the loan for them), would never had the authority to modify, sell or foreclose.

    The settlement went to shore up states budget and is why your seeing a surplus at the state level in GOP held states, while making a deal with bank that purchase forgeries (1 million admitted to by DocX) to foreclose but the victims of the forgeries were not given the restitution of the crime.

    Now the fake lender are selling these modification to servicers/mortgage companies not govern by the TARP and HAMP agreements!

    It was all about election 2012 and not a damn about America families and Obama got a rental program for you!

  8. Just found out says:

    Todd W.

    Are you seeing foreclosure notices from Rosenberg and Associates? They have been issued a cease and desist order by The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Control in the State of Maryland.

  9. Kamala Harris and all other people in government are selling everyone down the road, there is no ratified STATE BAR, no attorney licenses, and are established out of the city of england with the banks, NORTHERN TRUST COMPANY, AND CORPORATE TRUST COMPANY. The state embezzles wire transfers and creates the A SECONDARY MORTGAGE MARKET and other markets with these funds. The FULL FAITH AND CREDIT is robbed in lieu of creating human trafficking markets, until they are done with you, then they take everything away from you causing you to be named as a terrorist, so they don’t have to listen to you….WAKE UP PEOPLE


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