Four years ago today, I launched this little big monster of a blog.

Thanks to all the millions out there from all over the globe that have stopped by to read and continue to read my site. Having been this long and yet seeing no real progress for the homeowners, I hope to continue to expose the frauds that nobody seems to want to put an end to for another 4 more years.

A Special Thank You to all the sponsors that make this site possible.

Thank you,


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10 Responses to “HAPPY 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!”

  1. Charles Reed says:

    Thank for allowing me to vent as I do believe your site been instrumental in the things to come soon! Good luck in the future!

  2. project_wolverine says:

    I have learned a lot from your website thank you so much for your hard work. Happy anniversary.

  3. Marcie says:

    You are most appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. gregory says:

    Thany You…

  5. Alina says:

    Congrats on a job well done!!!! Your site has provided invaluable information to many. May you celebrate many, many more anniversaries.

  6. dinsfla says:

    Thank you all for the kind words. Much work is still needed unfortunately by removing the corruption out of the government. – Damian

  7. The note says:

    All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Stay the course. I truly believe that because of brave men like yourself we will start to see many decisions for the home owner.
    As one wise soul recently stated, ‘why are the pretender lenders settling for billions of dollars’?

    Thank you for all you do…please keep up the good fight.

  8. Your web site has been extremely informative and I truly believe it is making a difference that is becoming more obvious everyday. You are helping Americans win this war. Happy Anniversary. Hopefully very soon we will be celebrating the fact we dont need this site anymore, due to your wisdom and help battling the corruption. That will be something to celebrate! And you will have helped get us to that point.

  9. Papergate says:

    Couldn’t have survived a single day without your site Damien – much love and thanks and I believe Karma will be round to take great care of you . . .!


  10. Colin Derek says:

    Well, Has it been that long? You were a light in a very dark place as I started 6years ago. Now there are many sites but this is still a mainstay. I have gotten a win but only after two years of abuse by the lower court and filing a reconsideration to the Supreme Court of Oklahoma after they dismissed my appeal. I had to judicially notice them of their obligation to read the entire file (which they still have not done) and hinted that my next step was to get a declatory judgment for appeal purposes in which they would have to say they are no longer going to abide by the Statutes s written and overturn the previous cases they had decided in favor of the Statutes previously. The trick is to study all the processes, procedures, statutes, rules and then get it on the record properly, know and expect the BS tricks with the mail, non service, affirmative defenses with no merit, golf buddy Judge and to just keep pluggin away making record getting it into evidence, judicial notices, objections, countering their BS, motion for sanctions, move the court to do its job, recusals (i did not do this time but will next for lack of knowledge of subject matter) know and use Summary judgments and the power of a partial summary judgment, know that the BS they throw at you is what bubbles to the top but can be countered by motions to strike for being selatious etc. (read up on motions to strike) objections in writing, motions to reconsider!!!!! big one I did it during a hearing “motion for reconsideration upon submission of further authorities”… Oh and recognize (make record of my motion to strike and summary judgment or partial summary judgment as they have “admitted to it” in Ok it is considered “confessed” that they have not produced any evidence or testimony to the contrary. Always always motion for a hearing on every little matter/motion!!!
    It is just like any other sport/game… you must be prepared with knowledge of the process and procedures, motions that require a response and if they do not then it is admitted to, the tricks they use to distract you and how they rewrite (history) the case in their favor and completely mislead from the truth.
    I broke down a case where the judge’s decision itself completely disregarded the requirements it states the very sentence before. They are completely deluded and it is so well done if you just read it and not analyze it. “The requirement is that the color be blue. The red paper says you lose” WHAT?
    Also, pay attention, do not get mad, get even, it is all evidence for your appeal. I gave the judge many many chances to abide by the law. I even stated in my filings that he was acting outside of his authority and that I was being courteous enough to give him another chance. And that I may not be there for the property but to expose the corrupt court.. made no difference because they do not read our stuff… but the Supreme Court did and recaptioned the case making me the Plaintiff nd the Judge the Defendant, struck their own dismissal and all but one of his orders (which I’m continuing to correct ling with correcting “motion to amend” because “the Statute does not PROVIDE for … opportunity to bring an action in any court when they have an un-correctable legal disability”)… unless you can write something so short and so impactful that it catches their eye and keeps them there it will go to the bottom and the only thing the Judge will read is the “it is hereby ordered” just before his signature.
    At one point after ten or fifteen minutes of presenting the laws, statutes, American Jurisprudence (major useful tool), the judge says he appreciates my opinion and will take it into consideration. I responded, “Oh, I have not given you my opinion yet, I have been giving you the law and statutes”…. dugh… They do Not know the law.. that is WHY WE/YOU MUST MUST SAY A LITTLE AND THEN QUOTE THE ACTUAL LAW OR STATUTE!!! I do less writing and more cutting and pasting! i no longer do the reference thing.. BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT LOOK! I make most of my pleading and motions one sentence followed by law, Statute, Rule, process, “case quote” or some AUTHORITY WHICH THEY MUST ABIDE BY. Bam bam bam. Also learning the “TERMS” used… “the Defendants/Plaintiffs did not bring the original unaltered, wet ink instrument and have not shown that they ever had it …bla bla” WRONG!! “Defendants/Plaintiffs have failed to provide the condition precedent to evidence their cause of action” then a quote from the requirement and a case or two quotes.
    “Plaintiffs fail to provide the required documentation by “real evidence” rule.” Quote the real evidence rule and some case quotes. If I could right click on this site I would cut and paste but I can’t which has been a continuous cause for me to contribute less and to use this site seldom…. I cant correct spelling etc..
    anywhoo. get the manuals learn to use the tools.. it is all about the tools, Know KNOW that it is a process, a game in the sense that it does not last only one inning, one down, one serve one move.. it is a series of many choreographed moves and counter moves and it ain’t over till you walk away!! you always have a RiCO, a Civil Rights case, breach of fiduciary duty not to mention thousands and thousands of violations of Statutes which you can make a separate case for each, bringing only that violation to bar, nothing else just that one thing. Once you get an adjudication on one fraudulent, robo signed document, submission of false and misleading documents, corrupting of the public records, then you can go back and re do it under “Plain Error” knew or should have known.
    Also remember that “capacity” means “without legal disability”. REveil their legal disability and they have no “Capacity” without “capacity” the court can NOT grant them any relief! Period!!
    So it is NOT about the Foreclosure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it IS about their “failing” “failing to provide” “breach” of law, Statues, process, procedure, elements 12b6, and their “criminal acts” (you do not necessarily say “criminal acts” but you “reveal” it by quoting the Statute that you have or they have evidence on the record of doing. Replace the word “fraud” with “false and misleading” and “OBJECTION! PREJUDICING THE COURT!” “objection!, is he testifying? if so would the clerk please swear him/her in and have him take the stand.” “Objection, not substantiated by any evidence on the record, prejudicing the court!!”
    and so forth.. Failed to provide, they never have the “elements” required.. that is what it is about no the fricken alleged “loan” which is another condition precedent which they have not fulfilled and thus are in breach. “one in breach cannot (capacity, legal disability) be granted enforcement of that which they are in breach of prior to the alleged breach they are attempting to enforce.
    By the Way in case no one else has caught on by actually reading what “signed in blank” is defined as…. it is not something “left blank” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The line can NOT be “left blank” it must have some words that express that the holder or bearer is “entitled to payment” such as “bearer” “pay to bearer” “cash”, “holder” etc. This has stuck in my craw for years and everyone including the dumb ass supreme court just merrily goes along with it. Take a check or any instrument that has the words “pay to the order of” on it and leave it blank… they will not cash it!!!!!!!! There must be an “order” made for them to “process”…. geeeze so damn simple. And guess what they won’t cash it without a Date either!!!
    I could go on but have to get back to reading “guerrilla discovery” by Ashly S. Lipsome….
    Damn can’t even copy my own writing.. grrrrr. This is the one main reason I do not contribute here very often. However, for those that want to learn and win (no charge just donations) send a request message to truthmonger6 at geee mail (gmail) dot com. or go to “American Reconstruction Project dot com and look for the files…. if more encouragement will post more, but People please this takes time and effort and is most gratifying when you win. A win for any of us is a win for all of us, so too a loss by any of us is a loss to all of us, so let’s get it right and win win win.
    Blessing, not for sale or obligation as beneficiary without duty and claiming all protections, powers, rights, privileges and immunities, waving none, in peace with kindness, Colin
    P.S. It is all about the tools!!!!!!!!!!! And the proper use of them… they are the “arms” that we must “bear”. Case law is only a small and important part of the process!!!!!! So perhaps by putting more tools and training tools for people, here will result in more successes.
    PSS well well this monkey can learn new things… instead of right clicking I highlighted and went to the “Edit” tab at top and copied corrected and then went back to “Edit” and Pasted… the old fashioned way before the “right click button”… :-} All the best!! :-}


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