To Modify or Not to Modify, That is the Question....


To Modify or Not to Modify, That is the Question….

To Modify or Not to Modify, That is the Question….

The thing is, if the banks had acted honorably in regard to actually modifying people, whether it be HAMP, HARP or “in house” rather than incentivizing foreclosures and short sales with Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards, we would have all been helped, a bit more satisfied, had less motive and drive to delve into the bottomless fraud and gotten on with our lives.

Delving deeper into the catastrophic calamity that is the Homeowner Hunger Games, may never have even occurred to us had we been properly settled with regard to the programs set in place to “help” homeowners in these unprecedented times. The economy would be flowing, our bills wouldn’t be so burdensome, we’d be better equipped to handle some of these losses – like jobs, healthcare, bankster bailouts, hope for our futures and faith in our justice system.

There’s obviously more going on here than just greed and gluttony. Besides the “dark money” in banking and politics, the Wall Street roulette, the secret government behind the dysfunctional bad theatrics by which we’re held hostage and the lack of accountability, let alone justice.

Hypothetical idea; If the banks had modified the mortgages from, say 2000 or 2001 to 2% fixed for 30 years or however long each loan had remaining – just modified across the board at 2% for the remaining terms of the loans, cut some principal, etc… we would have all gotten on with our lives, some of us even willing to accept the fraud, just to not be dealing with this for so many years and so many horrific revelations. But the banks not only set this up, took down the middle class and the entire world economy, rigged it to happen along with Libor, playing Bernie Madoff reindeer games with our investments, homes, retirement funds and lives. They continue to get away with the abuse, the fees, the insurance, fraud, collusion, massive amounts of foreclosures, short sales, etc…..It’s perverse and disgusting. It’s being done to us on every level in broad daylight while simultaneously doubling the sociopathic CEO paychecks and bonuses.

At this point, would we all rather be unemployed in Iceland? Seriously.

Thousands of homeowners in my social media groups and networks share the same exact patterns of abuse, the same delays and perpetual attempts to get help to no avail regardless of the servicing bank, be it Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Ocwen, Nationstar, Chase etc….. The same exact patterns of abuse, obstacles, bogus excuses, total disconnects.

“What we have here is a failure to communicate”, (to quote Cool Hand Luke).
What we need is a new conversation. A conversation that would make it impossible for miscommunication. We need clear decisive actions and ideas to clearly communicate what we need from these banks and our political officials.

We need clear and simple time frames of dealing with the robot banks.
We need rate and principle reductions.
We need simple packets of forms, easy to understand, easy to calculate and simple to return within a quick turnaround.
We need designated departments that are educated and informed on giving us clear concise legitimate answers within 30 days or less.
We need clear reform and servicing standards that are accountable and punishable by the law, the fees, the courts significant penalties.
We need to have one on one accountability based on the above, and consequences to these banks that they will feel when they don’t comply.
We need banking to go back to what it was by restoring The Glass Steagall Act:

We need criminal bankers to go to jail.
We need to press our local and national media affiliates, online sources, and social media to be bombarded by the ongoing abuses being dealt to homeowners by these bully banks.
We need to show up for each other and be heard.
We need accountability to modify our standing, our contracts, our humanity.
How do you modify fraud? You delegate, regulate and retaliate.
You negotiate and you compensate. Often you need to litigate.

Join the conversation. Stand up. Let’s modify these banking crimes before they obliterate what little we have left. Now is the time for a new conversation. We have nothing to lose, (one more quote from Cool Hand Luke), “Some times nothin? can be a real cool hand.”

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Lainey Hashorva is a Social Media Activist, Advocate for homeowners fighting
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3 Responses to “To Modify or Not to Modify, That is the Question….”

  1. Sarah says:

    Can you ask a monster to become less of a monster? No. Without acknowledging Banks near total capture of our Democracy, repeating ineffective strategies like “pressing the media” aren’t effective. What happened to the calls to smash up TBTF? Or to completely boycott TBTF again at any level of our lives? Why have the courts been so unfavorable to victims in light of obvious tragedy? Is it somehow forbidden to mention that former bank attorneys are now the same Judges that are ruling against in different venues? Indeed, what about the rule of law? Is that some mindless slogan or has it in itself only become an enabler of vicious predation?

  2. It appears the federal judges are committing crime scenes in their own court rooms. judge Leighton has seventeen pages of disclosure with being on the board for pension funds for the government employees, police, firemen, etc. and multiple reasons to recuse himself, or have all his judgements VOIDED.

  3. Check here to see if your judge has conflicts of interest or has filled out his or her financial disclosure. Pechman in Seattle appears to have conflicts of interest. Some judges have not filed theirs, perhaps this should be requested of the ones not filing in the states that require it.


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