Bankers are getting their holiday bonuses again this year, to the tune of over $91 billion!!


Bankers are getting their holiday bonuses again this year, to the tune of over $91 billion!!

Bankers are getting their holiday bonuses again this year, to the tune of over $91 billion!!

Bankers are getting their holiday bonuses again this year, to the tune of over $91 billion, and some don’t know what to do with all that extra money. One group, called The Other 98 Percent, has proposed that bankers give their bonuses to the homeowners who lost their homes due to foreclosures that never should have happened. RT’s Ameera David talks to Alexis Goldstein, communications director for, about the group’s proposal and why they chose homeowners who had been foreclosed upon as the recipients.

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8 Responses to “Bankers are getting their holiday bonuses again this year, to the tune of over $91 billion!!”

  1. Charles Reed says:

    This is don’t whistle-blowing money!

  2. This is a crime in itself. 91 billion is far more than the settlement fees that are ridiculous slaps in the face for trillions dollars in bank heist! Stolen property and economic crimes.

  3. dinsfla says:

    I wonder what percentage each regulator gets from this? We KNOW they are getting brown baggies delivered in some form. Always a bad apple in every tree!

  4. If any of these employees have a conscions which I wonder how they could. this money should be given to the harmed homeowners and the ones without homes whom lost their jobs and incomes. The homeowners are not the only victims. Millions of people whom are not homeowenrs have been harmed also.

  5. dinsfla says:

    Drugs distort their brains.

  6. My question is why the charade, when the public, including politicians and judges know full well of the crime committed on the American and global people, why oh why is a blind eye turned to this crime, allowing the people to suffer instead of those whom have committed crimes against them, now receiving more funds in bonuses than the settlements paid back to the people, Settlements broken and breached, and conned just like the modifications and mediations. Quit turning a blind eye to the victims, and the criminals. STOP THIS CHARADE! Call for a permanent moritorium of the foreclosures and decent compensation for the victims and their stolen homes returned. Wrongful foreclosures continuing to date and on going. Mediations of ill faith by banks with unclean hands. Why is this being allowed? Big deal Freddie stop fraud foreclosing for the holidays, if that really happened, Stop all the ongoing crime now. Stop the breach of the settlements now. Quit turning a blind eye to the crime. The media and the public turning a blind eye are enabling this horrific life changing crime that is continuing to devast and tear apart America. Who are you kidding? The truth is known, the cause is known, litigation is beyond the average victims ability, stop the worst crime in our history. The time to stop this crime is way past due. Every since the senate report was produced a blind eye has enabled this crime to not only continue and not be compensated for, but to increase. Homeowners and Americans whom are not homeowners are suffering the worst losses and are victims of a tragedy. May God give you the conscions and ability to stop this NOW! NO more breached settlements no more litigation cost, no more fraud closures, No more mediation scams. No more modification scams. No more harrassing our lawyers with threats to dis bar for helping homeowners. You whom allow this are allowing a tragedy to the global planet, to your brothers and sisters on this planet. There is enough for all of us to share. The average person only wants enough to survive and live a happy life. Most of us do not want the riches you can not even figure out how to spend. Shame on all of you who do nothing or worse enable this crime. Shame on you. A decent human being does not turn a blind eye. No wonder Hitler got away with the crimes in Germany. May God Bless all families effected by this crime and may God help the ones turning a blind eye to get involved and stop this immediately.

  7. Sarah says:

    This is a cynical attempt by the “Other 98%” to cloud the issue with sensational marketing. Sure, CEO bonuses could be used to help the screwed, but this largely misses the point. 2013 was a year that huge numbers were being put out of their houses, but the media and so-called progressive organizations largely ignored the “crisis” which apparently “ended” some time ago.
    Break the system that gives crooks obscene enrichment. The entire Banking system is corrupt, you don’t ask thieves to spread their graft.


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