Lainey Hashorva: Stealing Home


Lainey Hashorva: Stealing Home

Lainey Hashorva: Stealing Home

Well at this point it’s pretty common knowledge that all the bloated banksters in the cartel are literally sucking the soul out of us, homeowner by homeowner, house by house, city by city, state by state. Puffing themselves up like the Pillsbury Doughboy that ate Godzilla and Manhattan. Picking their teeth with our land records.

So where are the Attorneys General? Where is that, oh geez, what was it called again? Oh yeah, The Mortgage Fraud Task Force. What ever happened to that? Maybe Jamie Dimon bought it for his daughter and commemorated it into a nice little holiday snow globe for his 2013 holiday party give away bags.

In California we have the oh so special California Homeowner Bill of Rights. AG Kamala Harris beamed, eyes glistening at the signing of that photo op behind Gov Jerry Brown, as if she’d just handed over the mega lottery loot to a homeless family of twelve. Kamala Harris is always camera ready, always ready for her next sound bite on CNN or PR release in front of the state flag. Her career path looks promising, maybe the Supreme Court, DOJ or Governor. But try to engage her in anything that actually has any real teeth to it, like say for example, millions of Californians losing their homes to Fraudclosure, neighborhoods being decimated by empty homes and neglected properties, a second tsunami of fraudclosures looming, and she’ll block you from her Facebook page. The Homeowner “Bill of Rights” offers Californians false hope of surviving the Homeowner Hunger Games. New rules and all that. It’s like telling Tony Soprano’s men that they can’t whack you while Pauly Walnuts is still raping you. Wait your turn.

But I digress. Where does a homeowner actually get anyone to really hear them out? To fully understand the soul sucking misery that we find ourselves in when trying to work with these mega banks that are on robotic search and destroy mode? Who really understands the complexities? The anguish and the insanity of the matrix we are placed in when following the “rules” in place to try to save what is ours in these unprecedented times; Our homes. Our investment. Our legal rights in a complex bloody labyrinth of red tape and manufactured BS.

We try our congressional office, they smile and nod with compassion and knowing. Tsk tsk sigh. They act as if they’ll try their best to intervene on our behalf, set you up with a special Single Point Of Contact (aka SPOC) in the “executive offices” that have a little more accountability since it’s a US Congressional office letterhead and all. Sorta put more time constraints on Pauly Walnuts to respond to our requests and the infinite supply of paperwork we fax, mail, Fed Ex and produce time after time after time after time after time. We have turned into a paper producing incoherent human copy machine, holding the tiniest pessimistic optimism somewhere in the back of our minds that this time we have a “complete package” with every T crossed. We have become wild eyed Vegas strip junkies gambling the entire nest egg at this point. Come on baby, ten times is the charm. I’m due damn it I’m due. Alright one more time….

“What is it?” we wonder. How did we get here? This abyss of systematic bureaucratic bankster abuse.

It’s epic. The stakes are as high as it gets. We are in deep. We begin to realize that our congressional offices are as useful as a confession to a child molester posing as a priest. We realize our letters to the AGs, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Oprah, Obama, Jill Biden’s manicurist, the HOPE hotline. (How sad is that? The HOPE hotline?) No answers there either.

We somehow break through the imposed shame that everyone keeps to themselves as homeowners in this position been conveniently branded as “deadbeats”. We feel like losers. We feel so alone, so lost in this matrix of complexities, legalities, and consequences. The stakes are so high, our faith is so fragmented.

We begin to talk about it with friends and family. We start to put it out there little by little as to how much we are struggling with these obstacles, these unprecedented times, these impenetrable banks that supposedly have programs in place to assist us in “Making Home Affordable”. Banks have rules right? Our govt has laws right? Where are we in this big picture? Don’t we as homeowners and citizens have a right to stand our ground, to keep what we built against false claims and lack of standing, aka “show me the note” dude?

Who is there for us in this vapid game we’ve been pulled into in good faith to save our homes? Our investments, our retirement? Who?

WE are. We are there for each other. We start to connect and talk about the lawlessness, the impossible inarticulate anguish and insanity we’ve been exposed to in the guise of sustaining our homes. We start to listen to each other’s stories and the similarities begin to reflect clear patterns of abuse. Clear patterns of harm and of our undoing by instruction. Step by step, we have blindly and diligently in all good faith followed the instructions we were given by the servicing bank that tells us we won’t be considered as having a legitimate hardship unless we are in default, that we need to miss a few payments to receive assistance, submit and resubmit hundreds of pages of documents again and again and again until we start to realize it’s all rigged. A big fat hoax. The biggest Ponzi scheme since Bernie Madoff, only this is multiplied times millions of families and individuals. Millions of titles and altered titles. This scam is unprecedented. The biggest financial sting in our history. The modern day bankster business plan. Wells Fargo, “Together we’ll go far”. Welcome to modern day psychological terrorism. Who’s gonna be the last man or woman standing? Who’s more likely to run out of money, stamina, steam and wherewithal first?

Yes indeed, Wells Fargo Sucks, and so does Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Ocwen, Nationstar, Penny Mack. What a coincidence huh? Ever get the feeling they’re the same criminal enterprise? The same robo signing Caligraphy workshops. The same bank rebranding themselves hand over fist, trying to erase their tracks, complicate what they confiscate unlawfully. They all seem to be playing the same shell game, the same abuses and patterns in place ultimately to bring about the swift demise of the American Homeowner. The modification of the middle class, the mastication and regurgitation of the American dream. “Here ya go, sorry for the confusion. Here’s a few thousand dollars for the relocation. Three days to vacate. Your house has been auctioned off. Don’t worry, if you’re lucky maybe we’ll rent it back to you. Sign here. Love, Linda Green.”

Yes, #WellsFargo#Sucks. Hashtag that #John Stumpf and all the pathetic SPOCs that service your robo signing, loss of docs, cubicle monkeys selling their souls for a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card, dressing as homeless people at your Halloween office parties, SPOCs assisting in the take-down of the American homeowner, SPOCs that redirect us, disconnect us and are complicit in the zombie fee collecting business plan to abusively foreclose us into oblivion. “This call will be monitored and recorded. This is an attempt to collect a debt”. Really? Show me the money? Show me the note. Show me the securitized debt. “Hello. Hello?”

Not only did the worlds biggest banks and their henchmen the Department of Justice, the AGs, the lack of hope on the Hope hotline take down the world economy, the business plan in place is to cut us off at the knees as we attempt (by following their rules) to stagger to our feet. To speak truth to corrupt power.

Well guess what. We are on our feet. We are talking to one another, networking, building coalitions, groups of activists. Home grown ground troops. We are comparing notes, robo signer names, editorial email lists, servicing abuses, patterns of fraud. We are deciphering the complexities in the lack of standing these big bad blowhards have in the homeowner hunger games. We are armed with the power of what stubborn strong willed fighters on a mission have in common. We are taking names and blasting them out to every Facebook group, Twitter feed and Instagram stream we can muster – all day every day. The TRUTH. WE the people are showing up for each other and it is a powerful force to reckon with. The truth is a potent undeniable living thing, and if you present the truth in regard to the law, even Pauly Walnuts goes to the big house at some point or sleeps with the fish. Occupy the truth. Move your money from these criminal institutions to smaller community banks and credit unions. Demand everything in writing, record calls, put them on defense and stay on offense. Share share share with like minded others. Yes it’s the Homeowner Hunger games, but we are hungry and we have nothing to lose. Time to bite the vampire and bleed them out. Wake up and join us. They are coming for us, but much to their astonishment we are not running anywhere but directly AT them. WE are coming for them.

Join us at “Wells Fargo Sucks” (group) and “Fraudclosure Fighters” (group pages) on Facebook. Several other groups as well (Home Defenders League, Occupy Our Homes, Bank Fraud Revealed, and many many more) in which we network, cross reference, decipher, support, take names, graph charts, network with auditing forensic experts and attorneys, Occupy and serve one another in the common quest to dismantle the Fraudclosure machine, expose the servicing abuses, bringing the truth HOME in seeking justice and saving ourselves against an arrogant out of control Goliath that never saw us coming.

We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for. Join us.

Lainey Hashorva

Please forgive typos – my brain is faster than my fangers.


Lainey Hashorva is a Social Media Activist, Investigative Journalist and Entrepreneur. Join the discussion on Facebook in her group, Fraudclosure Fighters with like minded others. Please visit her ETSY store LaineyBean.


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9 Responses to “Lainey Hashorva: Stealing Home”

  1. Charles Reed says:

    She said it all, as it hits Wells Fargo on the head! Love it.

  2. Charles Reed says:

    Ms Hashorva, I have submitted a Whistle-blower case against Wells Fargo with its handling of Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu) Ginnie Mae pooled loans that they foreclosed on and that they still are servicing. All WaMu loans that were FHA, VA or USDA loans that started having the loan serviced by Wells Fargo under the mortgage servicing agreement Jul 31, 2006 and your loan was foreclosed by Wells Fargo, it was done illegally as the debt were never purchase and the Note unlike most were physically transferred out of the lender WaMu’s hands into Ginnie Mae hands as Wells Fargo as the custodian of records.

    Its just a matter of time that they are force to pay restitution for those stolen properties and pay back the False Claim the submitted to the FHA & VA insurances!

    Its and I can tell you exactly how Wells Fargo pull this off. I am sure out in CA there were a lot of WaMu government insured loans originated that Wells Fargo was and is still currently servicing!

  3. allisunra says:

    You are spot on! Well written, well stated and absolutely 100% accurate!
    Here comes the fun part. Karen Hudes formerly chief counsel of the World Bank tells us that ALL BANKS ARE ONE BIG BANK! As you suspected.
    And ta da…trumpet roll…all the corporations are ONE BIG CORPORATION owned by- guess who? There it is
    So, the banksters sell the mortgages, securitize them, raise payments to oblivion till the homeowner can no longer pay, reel in the homes thru fraudclosure. And then..the finale, buy back the homes for pennies, and then scoop up the remaining MBSs with imaginary dollars printed by the Feds. Nice shell game…no? Someone should have some “splainin” to do.

  4. allisunra says:

    forgot to edit. Second to last line should read FED, as in Federal Reserve.

  5. Charles Reed says:

    Every letter that Ms Hashorva type down to the period is true, and had I not work at the Stage Coach from Hell and been a victims of their also, I would not have believe the abuse because it seem so unreal any entity in the World could get away with such over the top crime.

    Everything that Wells Fargo does is base on have trained staff to carry out their crime, as it make the employees accomplices and they don’t have a clue as to the rightful way things are done, because they have not way understanding the crime.

    First you start off with CA & Wells customers v. Wells Fargo in the Nov 18, 2009 Auction-Rate Securities $1.4 billion, where then Atty Gen Brown (now Governor) said “Wells Fargo routinely misrepresented, market and sold auction-rate securities as safe, liquid and cash-like investments, omitting material facts. The company was also charged with failing to supervise and train its sale agents and selling unsuitable investments.”

    Look at Elizabeth Jacobson Apr 20, 2009 (Hitler’s birthday) in which she talks of black as “Mud People” & “Ghetto Loan” that the steered to the subprime loans. Jacobson the best subprime loan officer Wells Fargo had who was making as much as $700,000 per year performing subprime loan 40 miles from the front door of the White House were the President of the United States only makes with benefits $500,000.

    Yet Jacobson testified that she did not know how to perform FHA loan but had requested that training. Now what started in Baltimore then Memphis, Illinois and within the last couple week we got LA and welcome to Miami, who are suing Wells Fargo for racial discrimination not only in originating the loan but foreclosing on the properties.

    So let take a Wells Fargo that got 1.3 million government insured loans that they started to service for Ginnie Mae, that were placed there by Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu), and it you actual understand what was done is this move alone exposed the entire phony scheme that is the Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and bring up the fact that as Ginnie Mae does not have the ability to receive a home mortgage payment at all because they are not a lender and are not the owner of the debt.

    Ginnie Mae cannot have a surrogate do for them something they could not do for themselves. The loans which were not a part of the JPMorgan deal because Ginnie Mae got physical possession of them, through Wells Fargo as the custodian of records out of the purchased building that the loan were housed at in Milwaukee. Ginnie & Wells thought that they had avoided a bullet, which I feel they knew WaMu was going to fail, and if the blank Notes had been in the possession of WaMu when the bank was seized then the Note would have fallen to the FDIC who would have to have sold them just like the other loans and assets.

    However you got a situation where WaMu or another entity are on title as the “lien holder” of these loans, but they got on Contracts/Notes to be able to collect any debt, and they are now dead. All Ginnie Mae has is a blank Note and no receipt of a purchase because there is were no purchases.

    So the OCC and the Federal Reserve Bank have to deal with this crime as they are now working with the LPS forgeries crime. You got MERS who committed the same forgery factory as LPS (DocX)!

  6. Kitte Knight says:

    I am fighting a Bank of America foreclosure in court next spring, Their lawyers have been engaged in collecting information about me from all my social media. They lawyer made it sound like they were looking for proof that it was I who set out to rip the bank off from the outset, but that argument falls apart in light of the fact that if they had just given me the modification that was clearly qualified for instead of making me jump through all kinds of hoops and then eventually foreclosing on me for following every directive they gave me, we wouldn’t be going to court next year at all.


    Sorry. MY fangers (LOL) got stuck on caps. Richard Rothfuss should spend some time getting his pants hemmed properly and stop taking his short man syndrome out on UNSUSPECTING HOMEOWNERS ..

  8. Thanks
    We need more and more articles like this to inspire others.
    david snieckus

  9. This site is awesome! I am turning my buisnes into an informational platform as well, would love to have you link up!


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