LPS in Robo-Signing Settlement Talks Said to Exceed $200 Million


LPS in Robo-Signing Settlement Talks Said to Exceed $200 Million

LPS in Robo-Signing Settlement Talks Said to Exceed $200 Million

AND of course the Lap Dogs decline to comment I bet because it might hurt their sale to Fidelity…


Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS) is in talks with regulators that could lead to a settlement of more than $200 million over improper and fraudulent foreclosure paperwork after the 2008 credit crisis, according to people briefed on the discussions.

The deal would resolve claims that LPS falsified documents related to home seizures, including through “robo-signing.” The Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency have discussed directing at least some of the money to homeowners, said two people who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is private.

LPS, a mortgage-processing firm whose biggest customers have been Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), previously settled similar matters with the Justice Department and almost every U.S. state. The Jacksonville, Florida-based company is one of the few in a group accused of foreclosure misdeeds that hasn’t made a final deal with bank regulators.


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4 Responses to “LPS in Robo-Signing Settlement Talks Said to Exceed $200 Million”

  1. GuyFawkesLIves says:

    Hmmmm…..and not ONE WORD of cleaning up the corruption or attempting to stop the continued corruption in the county land records.

    Is it time yet for complete revolution? Perhaps this government will only understand two things: HUSH MONEY FROM THESE CRIMINALS, which they call “settlements” or COMPLETE OVERTHROW OF OUR GOVERNMENT. Which shall it be you corrupt asswipes in government?

    Are you going to stop the illegal foreclosures? Or are we going to have to go in complete overthrow mode???

  2. Charles Reed says:

    What $200 million divided into 1 million forgeries = $200! And what the black kid on the corner selling $1,000 dollars in crack given in time and penalty, and he did not steal an entire home? Who more dangerous to the American families?

  3. Mario Cano says:

    BOA vs Cano
    Total abuse and froude by Bank

  4. Mario Cano says:

    They settle but us the people that sufer and
    Live thru thier abuseand still fighting to keep our home after we pay and they
    Committed froude , where is justice for us the
    Affected people . ?????? States goverment got
    Paid , , but the crime was commited to us and
    We got nothing but or home taking from us .. ???
    Where is the fair law system corroupt judges and
    Attorneys . ?? What happen to our constitutional rights


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