Jamie Dimon's 2014 Family Holiday Card


Jamie Dimon’s 2014 Family Holiday Card

Jamie Dimon’s 2014 Family Holiday Card


JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and his family have sent out their annual missive, wishing family and friends happy holidays and all the best for 2014. Like last year, the card features Jamie, his wife Judy, their three daughters, a dog, and a young man who we presume is a boyfriend or son in law.

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4 Responses to “Jamie Dimon’s 2014 Family Holiday Card”

  1. GuyFawkesLIves says:

    Wait…..I don’t see a rope attached to his neck!?! This must be mistaken.

  2. Yeah the only Christmas celebration of Dimon’s. I am sure I speak for most of us, is a Christmas card of him wearing a ball and chain ankle bracelet and matching metal wrist bracelets! Wishes for the new year to him and his buds. WE all wish JAMIIE BOY A NEW YEAR FULL OF NEW EXPERIENCES YOU NEVER IMAGINED.

  3. Poem to #JamieDimon by the daughter of a Chase Whistleblower he fired for refusing to commit fraud. The poem was written as a 10th grade English assignment to write a “slam” poem back in 2011 when she was 15 and was later published in a teen magazined. At the time she wrote the “poem” most didn’t understand it because so much about the regulatory investigations launched by my SEC Whistleblower filing were not yet public. However, my children had already been living this for over a year then with lawyers, courts, reporters and media and even were filmed by 60 minutes which has yet to air. Just google my name for more information. http://teenink.com/poetry/free_verse/article/395873/Chasing-What-Matters/ via @teenink

    By Miranda Almonte (15 years old at time of publishing)
    People or numbers?
    Numbers or people?
    Use your brain
    This is America
    Not some game
    So just quit playing
    Playing what?
    Playing with lives to make your big bucks.
    As a matter of fact
    Take my friends
    And take my home
    Just give me more reason for my name to be known
    Take our checks
    And our respect
    Some from you has yet to be shown.
    Take my grades
    And take my fun
    We’ll see who’s “making numbers” once all of this is done.
    Everyone’s stressed
    Causing fights
    Got me thinking day and night
    Don’t be shy!
    Fight some more!
    We’ll make it through another door
    Because you built me up
    Then tore me down
    And took me out of my favorite town.
    Think you’re getting to me?
    That’s a joke.
    While you’re making me stronger,
    You can’t even provide a quote
    Quote for who?
    Quote for everyone
    Everyone you’ve lied to, and taken everything from.
    We won’t stop
    And we won’t quit
    And we sure as he** won’t just take this.
    I cheat on a test
    I get in trouble.
    You cheat your own people
    And your pay goes double?
    You think it’s okay?
    Well I think its bull
    Because stomachs were once full
    And now they’re hungry.
    People once smiling
    Now are stumbling.
    Foreclosing on homes
    Destroying lives
    Taking what they need to just survive.
    You know what you’re doing
    And you know it’s not right
    But, I mean as long as they’re paying you a decent price?
    Is the money worth it?
    Worth the pain?
    The pain of those who shelter is now rain? Those nice big checks must be nice
    But, does it ever cross your mind that you should think
    Twice about lying? Signing? Designing? Designing what?
    Your short cuts.
    Short cuts to make the cut
    I guess your new money does you a lot of good;
    The clothes.
    The shoes.
    Cute sweaters with hoods.
    But you know what’s cuter?
    Orange what?
    The orange jumpsuit that’ll be on your butt.
    What’s wrong?
    Don’t like it?
    Awww too bad!
    ‘Cause that’s where you’re headed
    Kind of sad?
    Sad that ruining people’s lives
    Was better than the price you’d pay on the other side.

  4. Mike says:

    How much fun to be stuck inside, even in the biggest and nicest of homes, with that jackass! At least I can go out in public without being hated where ever I go, without having to look over my shoulder constantly. Think about it…how many cards does this guy get from anyone except other greedy bastards without friends?


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