Man Shoots Property Manager During Eviction Attempt At $1.6 Million Home


Man Shoots Property Manager During Eviction Attempt At $1.6 Million Home

Man Shoots Property Manager During Eviction Attempt At $1.6 Million Home


And you thought you had real estate problems.

A California man shot his property manager through a locked door during an eviction attempt at a $1.6 million home on Wednesday, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to the Chronicle, two deputies, a property manager and a locksmith arrived at a foreclosed home in an upscale gated community in San Ramon, a wealthy San Francisco suburb, to evict the resident. After knocking without answer, the locksmith began drilling when a single shot was reportedly fired through the door, striking the property manager in the leg. The property manager was taken to the hospital, and SWAT team rushed to the scene.


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4 Responses to “Man Shoots Property Manager During Eviction Attempt At $1.6 Million Home”

  1. This is the second story of this kind in California. The man who used the name Cube 2 on livinglies did this and killed the Sheriff and the lock smith. Innocent people are dying due to bank crimes and the federal judges can also take blame for this. The homeowner is as much a victim of this as the people shot. The homeowners are put through hell and sometimes og over the edge. So sad for all of them. Blood is on the hands of all envolved in this crime against homeowners. The criminals put the sheriffs and the locksmiths and property managers in harms way also. I pray no one else takes these actions. It gets them no where but in deep trouble or dead. Not the answer. So sad so very sad for all of them. My heart goes out to all of them.

  2. pat says:

    Shelly is totally correct – this is a bankster terror kind of epidemic implosion of the world’s people. As more and more information gets out, it won’t be until the people representing the people have a heart, or become victims themselves. There is so much coverup of the fraud and terrorist-like activity behind these foreclosures is absolutely sickening. Shame on our judges for allowing the banksters to take homes without evidence of their standing, and shame on our politicians for turning their back on their constituents, and shame most of all for the top leaders including our president in America and those in Ireland and other countries hard hit for their cold-blooded, heartless acts of neglience. Shame on All of you. Shame on you.

  3. DolleyMadison says:

    Here, Here, Pat! Well said…

  4. Virginia collusion says:

    As a resident of Virginia, I am shocked at the blatant ‘inability’ to take these cases to protect homeowners from illegal foreclosures. Once securitization becomes part of the discussions, they run for cover.

    To an attorney in Virginia who has a moral compass…identify yourself and step up to the plate.

    Let’s see how many there are.


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