Judge: No attorney-client privilege in foreclosure investigation


Judge: No attorney-client privilege in foreclosure investigation

Judge: No attorney-client privilege in foreclosure investigation

The Denver Post-

The once-fierce legal battle between Attorney General John Suthers’ office and Denver’s biggest foreclosure law firms trying to protect themselves from investigative subpoenas is rustling from a slumber.

Denver District Judge Edward Bronfin last week ruled that a 62-page agreement attorney Wayne Vaden — who you’ll recall was Denver’s public trustee when he served as the city’s appointed clerk and recorder under then-mayor, now-Governor John Hickenlooper — has with Bank of America to handle its foreclosure cases isn’t subject to the protection of attorney-client privilege.

As such, Vaden and his Vaden Law Firm, must turn over the agreement to Suthers’ crew as part of the AG’s investigation into billing practices of foreclosure attorneys. Bronfin reviewed the agreement in camera and said it was akin to a “boiler-plate claims-handling-procedure-manual.” But did agree it was subject to trade-secret protection for Bank of America.

Vaden has until Friday the 13th (hmmm?) to hand it over to Suthers’ office.


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3 Responses to “Judge: No attorney-client privilege in foreclosure investigation”

  1. I have a deposiiton for Claire Swazey whom is employed by NW Trustee’s admitting to making false claims on the assignment she swore to and filed in the court. All information came from hearsay. I also have a transcript of a hearing where a Washington state judge Gerold E. Johnson claims he is an advocate for the banks and has served as a trustee for the banks numerous-numerous times. Then rules on the case without recusing himself. At one point in the transcript the judge takes the fifth when asked a question by the homeowners attorney. And tell the attorney the Appeals court wont care either.

  2. Email me at Shelleystotalbodyworks@comcast.net if you want copies on pdf. I also have a copy of a transcript taken from a video testimony of the attorney for the Washington Title Association telling the senator if they do not pass bill SB 1435 which allows reconveyance without authentic notes and real parties of interest, they the senators will never be able to sell their houses if they expect to be able to sell it by reconveyance with an authentic note, none of them will, they just wont. Soooooooooooooooo, The attorney for the title association in Washington knows there are “NO AUTHENTIC” notes in the entire State of Washington, without question. How much do you want to bet this is in every state? The entire senate passed the bill to reconvey without authentic note if the real party does not claim ownership when a letter has been mailed out to them whom ever they are where ever they are and 120 days has passed. The title company now has the right to reconvey without authentic notes in Washington State. HOW UNCONSTITUTIONAL IS THIS? Roger Goodman senator in Washington told the senate in a video I have, however this part has now been deleted from the video, that the banks do not know who own the loans. Senator Roger Goodman sent an email to our group telling us not to come and testify against the bill due to the bill was bad and he was going to pull this bill he sponsored. So our group did not come to testify against the bill in that session, which Roger Goodman did not pull the bill and boasted on video how the bill was an awesome bill therefore no one was there to testify against the bill. Were we deceived by this senator or what?

  3. C. M. Swazey says:

    I’ve been following these libelous misrepresentations by Shelley with some interest and consternation.

    It’s not enough to have a copy of my depo. One has to know how to read it-or know how to read *anything*.

    Thanks for stalking me!


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